Why you should become a green company?

You should become a green company to enjoy higher profit margins, falling expenses and will become more competitive in their field.

save money by becoming a green company

You should become a green company to enjoy higher profit margins, falling expenses and will become more competitive in their field.

There are many benefits for you to become a green company.  You will obviously be minimising your impact on the environment.  But you will also be making a good business decision.


Become a green company and benefit from:

  • Saving money by reducing energy usage
  • Better public image which leads to increased sales
  • Better working environments increase staff productivity

As you can see the business benefits of going green are clear.  Lets begin looking at how you can save money if you become a green company.


Save money:

The first thing a green company can do to save money is by reducing waste.  Most businesses generate a lot more waste than is necessary.

Energy costs are fluctuating.  As this cost increases so do your overheads.  By simply turning off the lights when they are not needed, or switching off electrics at night you can save a lot of money.

However, it is not just energy wastage that is costing you money.  How much paper are you using? By printing less, or printing on both sides you can save money.  Go paperless as much as possible.  Another benefit of this is you will use less printer ink.

A green company will benefit by improving their efficiency and by lowering their operating costs.  Depending on the size of your business this could mean big savings.

You must be aware some of these savings will be immediate such as having to buy less paper.  Some energy saving initiatives may take time for you to see.  These are long-term savings that you will benefit from.


Public image and sales:

Society is becoming more eco conscious.  By becoming a green company you can capitalise on this favourable public image.

With our climate visibly changing, environmental issues are now topical.  People are attracted to businesses that are seen to be green.  There are a couple of obvious benefits for this increased public image.

  • Increased sales for green companies
  • Increased customer loyalty

People will buy from a green company.  If you sell green products you will definitely see and increase in sales of these items.  Market your green initiatives effectively and you will increase your sales.

Another thing you should consider is that you will gain customer loyalty.  A green company will beat their competition. Customers now want to buy products from companies with green credentials.  If you are the only green company in your niche you will increase your sales because of this.

Are any companies in your niche green? If not then you should definitely be the first.



Your employees are perhaps your biggest stakeholders.  Becoming a green company also means that you create a better environment for your workers.  There may not seem to be obvious financial benefits to doing this.

However, better working environments increase productivity.  How can you do this?

  • Increase the air quality in your office to prevent headaches and asthma
  • Less sick days due to poor working conditions
  • More talented people are looking for green companies to work in
  • Green initiatives improve employee moral and loyalty

We have seen the benefits of why you should become a green company.  If you do, your business will make more money, reduce costs and improve productivity.


Image: Tristan Martin

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