What is Computer Vision Syndrome, and is it Harming your Employees?

Computer vision syndrome can develop when someone spends long hours at a computer screen. Learn how to make sure your employees health isn’t being damaged.

computer vision syndrome

Running a green business means taking care not to cause unnecessary harm to the environment through your practices. But what is more a part of the environment than those who live and work in it? Being a responsible, green business owner means taking responsibility for the health of your employees and making sure that your use of technology and electronics isn’t causing them harm. Unfortunately, a condition called computer vision syndrome can develop when someone spends long hours at a computer screen, which can have all kinds of effects on a person’s vision and overall health.

As a responsible, green business owner, you should do everything you can to stamp out conditions which can occur as a result of working in front of screens for long periods of time.

 What are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome?

 Computer vision syndrome (CVS) usually effects the eyes, the vision and the head and neck. The most common symptoms felt include:

  • tired, itchy or stinging eyes

  • watery or dry eyes

  • blurred or double vision

  • difficulty moving focus between short and long distance items

  • increased sensitivity to light

  • colours, floaters or after images when looking away from the screen

  • headaches

  • stiff or tense neck

 Preventing CVS

 While every employee should take responsibility for their own health while working, you can help your employees by making them aware of which steps to take to avoid developing CVS.

  • sit directly in front of the computer, around an arm’s length away

  • position the top of the screen at eye level to prevent neck strain

  • position the keyboard directly in front of the monitor

  • make sure any light sources are positioned at right angles to the monitor to reduce glare

  • take regular breaks- at least 5 minutes for every hour. Take a walk, focus your eyes on longer distances and close your eyes for a few minutes

  • remember to blink. Concentrating intensely on a screen can make you forget even this most basic reflex. Blinking regularly helps to keep your eyes moisturised and protected, helping them to stay comfortable

There is no doubt that our ever-increasing reliance on technology has an impact on our environment, in everything from production emissions to the eventual disposal of electronics, batteries and metal and plastic components. But the impact on those who use these machines every day should be considered too. Employees should always be given the opportunity to take regular breaks from their work stations and access to fresh air and natural light. Many common sicknesses experienced by the typical 9-5 worker stem from their working environment and the heavy reliance on the computer screen within the world of office work. As a green business owner, it’s important to know how to strike the balance between productivity and health.

 Image sourced: Almonroth

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