Paper recycling programs for businesses

Paper recycling programs for businesses will help them become greener. Prevention is better than cure, going paperless and providing training is also needed.

paper recycling programs

Paper recycling programs for businesses will help them become greener. Prevention is better than cure, going paperless and providing training is also needed.


Why recycle paper?

Paper recycling programs for businesses help environment.  It takes far less energy to make recycled paper than it does new paper.  In fact, it takes about half the energy to make than virgin fibre.

Considering the amount of waste paper we produce we can all recycle a lot more. An eco friendly business will do as much as possible to reduce their use of paper. Any used paper is then recycled.


Recycling bins:

It is easy to incorporate eco friendly paper recycling programs for businesses by simply having bins located around your office.

You should separate lightly printed white paper from coloured papers and documents with a lot of printing on them.  This means that at each recycling point you need two recycling boxes.

Depending on how much paper your office uses daily you can consider having desktop recycling trays for staff. They do not even have to move to recycle.  Try to think logically where to place extra bins.  Some areas of the office would benefit more from recycling points than others. These places include:

  • Photocopiers
  • Fax machines
  • Printers
  • Coffee machines

Your office will become more eco friendly by providing suitable recycling bins.  However, remember that it is not only paper that can be recycled.



Does your office use a lot of cardboard?  You can easily recycle this too.  Have a recycling point in your office for cardboard.  Remember to get your staff to flatten the boxes down.  It is also good to remove any delivery stickers on the box and all tape.


Prevention is better than cure:

This article deals with eco friendly ways to recycle paper.  The most eco friendly thing you can do is to limit how much paper you actually use.  Prevent the need to even recycle in the first place.


Go paperless:

It will not be possible for you to go entirely paperless but there are eco friendly things you can do to reduce how much paper you use.

When contacting employees or customers, use emails.  Most people now have access to email; you can conduct business through email or phone so that no paper has to be used.

When emailing your employees you can add a note asking them not to print out the email, as it is more eco friendly.  There is no need for a hardcopy of emails as they are stored online anyway.



Make your staff aware how eco friendly paper recycling is.  Get them involved in your recycling scheme.  It does not take long to teach your employees what can and cannot be recycled.

You can also train your staff on how to reduce the amount of paper they use.  For example backing up work on computers or external hard drives instead of printing a hard copy.


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