Make your Promotional Gifts Eco Friendly and Improve your Brand Image

Promotional gifts can be a useful marketing tool. Find out how making them eco friendly keeps waste to a minimum, whilst giving your company’s image a boost

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Giveaways and promotional gifts leave a lasting memory of your business with customers and potential clients, and are a great way to get your brand seen and recognised. Promotional gifts, no matter how small, are an important marketing tool, and give an insight into the type of company that you are. Choosing to make your promotional gifts eco friendly not only helps to reduce unnecessary waste, it can also leave potential customers with a more positive impression of your company.

 Choose reusable

 Reusable promotional gifts are one of the best ways of ensuring your brand is continually noticed, without contributing to the levels of nearby landfills. At trade fairs, visitors are bombarded with flyers and brochures, many of which are simply thrown away days later, often barely read. Choosing durable and reuseable promotional gifts means the recipient won’t be so quick to throw them away, making them a less wasteful choice. By offering reuseable gifts carrying your own unique branding, you can also ensure that your potential customer is reminded of your business whenever they use the item. This also helps to spread your message further, effectively acting as inexpensive advertising for your company.

 Which promotional gifts should I choose?

 When choosing which promotional gifts you should use to promote your business, it is important to consider the demographic you are looking to entice towards your business. Good quality stationary works well with an executive market, but every business is different, so don’t be afraid to go for something a little more unique- anything from pens and USB sticks to compasses and frisbees can prove to be popular promotional gifts which receive a good deal of long-term use. And remember, the “use” doesn’t have to be adventurous- a well-constructed, quality keyring can make a simple but effective promotional gift.


 Making your promotional gifts durable isn’t the only way of keeping them eco friendly. Pay attention to the materials used to manufacture them too. Recycled plastic, metal and glass are great materials for reducing the resources used for manufacture, and eco fibres such as bamboo, hemp and jute are both sustainable and biodegradable, meaning a low environmental impact. Keep your materials biodegradable so they’ll spend minimal time in landfill sites should they ever be thrown away.

 Make it work for you

 Financially and environmentally, there’s no point in producing promotional gifts if your business isn’t going to benefit from them. It’s important, then, to make your promotional items work for you. Make sure your branding is clear, so your customers, or potential customers are reminded of your business every time they use their gift. It can also be helpful to display at least one form of contact for your company, such as a website or a phone number. Promotional gifts are a good opportunity for rewarding current customers and enticing new ones, and keeping them eco friendly helps to keep your environmental impact to a minimum, whilst getting your message heard.

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