How to Improve Air Quality in the Workplace

Running a green business, it is important to maintain high air quality within the workplace, to reduce the risk to employees from airborne pollutants

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High air quality is essential for maintaining a healthy working environment and keeping your employees in good health and good spirits. A number of factors in the workplace can impact the overall air quality, often in the form of residue from cleaning products, dust particles, packaging materials, foods, paints and aerosols. Running a green business, it is important to maintain clean, pure air within the workplace, to reduce the risk to employees from these pollutants.

Depending on your business, you may require a number of different methods of keeping your air as clean and pure as possible. Air in an office may be easier to keep clean than air in a more industrial environment. One, or a number of the following methods may be necessary for keeping the air clean in your workplace.

 Simple ways to keep air clean

 It doesn’t take a huge upheaval of your workplace to keep the air quality high. There are a few simple ways to maintain fresh air, including:

  • Keeping all vents clean and unobstructed

  • Maintaining a no smoking policy (which is the law in the UK!) and keeping outdoor smoking areas away from doors, windows or vents which lead inside

  • Checking for damp throughout the building and fixing leaks as soon as possible. Standing water and damp can quickly lead to mold growing, which can severely impact a building’s air quality

  • Use eco friendly cleaning supplies throughout your workplace, which are free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

  • Ensure there are enough bins located in the workplace for workers to dispose of waste food etc, and that they are emptied and disposed of properly

  • Consider placing restrictions on personal aerosols- deodorants, body sprays and air fresheners, which can add VOCs into the air, which can be especially problematic to those with asthma or other breathing difficulties

  • Clean up all spills. Almost any spill can become a problem if left to smell or develop mold

  • If redecorating your workplace, consider using eco friendly, natural paints, which are free of VOCs and can be safely disposed of if not completely used

  • Add air purifying indoor plants to your workplace, which can help to absorb bad smells and harmful chemicals, while recirculating oxygen into the atmosphere

 Air filters

 One of the most effective ways of maintaining high air quality in your workplace is by using an air filter. HEPA (High Energy Particulate Air) filters and ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filters are generally deemed the only environmentally friendly air filtration system, and are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in the US. These devices will require cleaning and their filters changing regularly in order to work efficiently. For an ordinary office, this may be an unnecessary measure, but for a more industrial work place, these are highly recommended and in some cases, even the law.

Image sourced: Marc Phu

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