Green Energy Jobs Part 2

Green energy jobs are on the rise. There are more than 140 countries committed to moving from fossil fuels in to a future of green energy supply systems.

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The green energy jobs sector will continue to grow until we have reached a completely sustainable platform for our planet. There are green energy jobs out there for almost everyone. Green Energy Jobs Part 2 will guide you through what to expect from some of the sectors that are available.


Hydrogen is now considered one of the best means of storing and transporting the energy of the future. Most hydrogen is now made from the reforming of fossil fuel gas. But it can be made using electricity. Hydrogen could become a green energy alternative to power everything if the electricity used to create it comes from a renewable source.

Green Energy Jobs – Hydrogen:

Jobs in this sector include looking at the energy source, such as electrolysis, hydrogen storage, hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen power.


Marine Energy

There has been increased interest from investors for marine energy technologies. 2005 saw a leap of activity for those involved in marine energy convertor design. A number of islands and coastal nations are waiting for the arrival of working devices on the market. Some have already agreed terms for grid connected wave energy farms. The countries offering the best feed in tariffs for marine energy electricity are proving most attractive for developers.

Green Energy Jobs – Marine energy:

Green energy jobs in this area can involve marine energy concepts, like tidal energy and tidal stream. Engineering aspects include prototype testing and CAD modelling. Marine ecology and business development also plays a vital role in this sector.


Micro Renewables

Small domestic scale devices which generate energy from renewable sources fall under the micro renewables category. Recent demand now encourages manufacturers to work on improving the quality of smaller renewable energy devices. There is now more interest for these devices within the construction industry. Especially for the grid linked eco home market.

Green Energy Jobs – Micro Renewables:

Jobs in micro renewables will involve green building, a multitude of micro renewables, such as heat pumps and fuel cells, planning, energy efficiency and engineering.


Solar Energy

Developments in solar technologies are being pushed by a number of factors. An increased number of low voltage devices, more energy efficient gadgets and mobile computers, as well as rising demand for solar powered hot water heating. In less developed nations low tech devices like solar ovens are in high demand. The low maintenance of solar allows for use in remote applications.

Green Energy Jobs – Solar Energy:

With a job in solar energy you can expect to come across business and financial aspects of the role, solar thermal devices, PV systems, solar powered vehicles and buildings, and also the sales and communications side of the sector.


Sustainable Transport

Transportation needs now account for 70% of the world’s crude oil supply being burned. By 2005 this was 85 million barrels a day. Over 30 billion a year. Oil is so central to our way of life and the global economy that any restriction to its access will be considered an international emergency.

Green Energy Jobs – Sustainable Transport:

Green energy jobs here will cover bio fuels, vehicle systems, storage and transportation, planning, strategic policy, infrastructure and a non technical aspect, which includes marketing and public relations.


Tidal Energy

Tidal devices operate by harnessing kinetic energy from tidal currents, or the ‘tidal stream.’ The diversity of marine environments ensures that there is no single technical development suited for every location. The industry is developing a range of experimental devices. Despite high costs, experts say that tidal power is more reliable than wind. After analysing research, it is estimated that estuary barrages and tidal streams could provide more than 20% of the nation’s electricity demands.

Green Energy Jobs – Tidal Energy:

To land your job in tidal energy you will tackle tidal concepts, engineering, patent writing, off shore technologies and business development.


Waste Management

All populations are faced with dealing with large quantities of waste. This could be municipal, sewage, water drainage, organic compost or recyclable materials. Urban areas produce the most waste and therefore need more efficient waste management systems. Rural areas produce less waste but often suffer from poorly developed systems. The challenge is to reduce the amount of waste entering the system, and to develop the processes required to recycle 100% of that waste.

Green Energy Jobs – Waste Management:

Issues involved with waste management cover waste policy, waste consultancy and engineering.


Water Management

The world’s water supply is of equal importance as that of sustainable energy supplies. Water resources are concentrated in certain areas. This leaves many areas requiring sophisticated water management systems to recycle limited water resources to ensure sufficient supplies.

Green Energy Jobs – Water Management:

Opportunities exist in all areas of the industry. From senior project leaders responsible for overseeing large civil engineering works to biological monitoring and water treatment roles within environmental health. Water engineers with experience on the ground, and those with necessary CAD skills for hydrological modelling are needed on every project.


Wave Energy

Wave power is one of the largest renewable energy sources. Until very recently the technology to harness this raw energy has not been available. Few patented devices have been translated into working prototypes. However, as the feed in tariffs for energy from marine sources are increased by certain governments many new designs and designers can take advantage with their ideas.

Green Energy Jobs – Wave Energy:

This role can include wave energy concepts, engineering of turbines and generators, sea bed liaising and project management.


Wind Energy

As the wind energy industry grows, the demand for technical expertise is being extended to expertise in areas such as PR, community liaison, and environmental impact. This sector offers vast potential to succeed in an industry that is growing faster than any other. The global spread of the wind industry means that people with additional language skills will be especially valued.

Green Energy Jobs – Wind Energy:

Wind energy production covers a range of areas. Financial and legal, wind farm development, wind resources, planning consents, turbine manufacture and PR and communications.


To find more green energy jobs and what they may include you can read ‘Green Energy Jobs Part 1.’


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