Green Energy Jobs Part 1

Green energy jobs are on the rise. There are more than 140 countries committed to moving from fossil fuels in to a future of green energy supply systems.

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Green energy jobs are on the rise. Few industries can guarantee such fast global growth as green energy. Issues like climate change and the exhaustion of global oil reserves are now more understood by a mass audience. This has led to a change in the way people think about using energy.

There are now more than 140 countries committed to moving beyond fossil fuels and in to a future of green energy supply systems. This group of countries is part of the Kyoto Protocol – setting internationally binding emission reduction targets.

The green energy jobs sector will continue to grow until we have reached a completely sustainable platform for our planet. There are green energy jobs out there for almost everyone. This article will guide you through what to expect from some of the sectors that are available.


Bio Energy

Bio fuels may be the most realistic successor to fossil fuels. The challenge of many engineering companies is converting raw sources of biomass in to high energy green fuels.

Green Energy Jobs – Bio Energy

In this sector jobs can entail working on the energy source, such as crops that produce energy and landfill. Bio fuels such as biodiesels and hydrogen. Processes such as storage and transportation. And sustainable vehicles.


Bio Fuels

Bio fuels are an alternative to fossil fuels. A range of varieties exist and they vary significantly. Some examples are that of biodiesel. This entails growing crops that contain high amounts of natural oil. Then through a process of hydrogenation or refining a more compatible bio diesel, substitute is created.

Green Energy Jobs – Bio Fuels

Jobs in this sector follow much the same pattern as jobs in bio energy. Working on the energy source, bio fuels, processes and sustainable vehicles.


Carbon Management

Carbon emissions can be associated with a huge number of things. Securing raw and processed materials. Transportation. Workplace energy requirements. Waste management. Businesses are now beginning to develop plans to reduce these emissions. For this reason there are now more green energy jobs in the sector.

Green Energy Jobs – Carbon Management

This industry covers carbon audits, energy management, emissions offsetting and carbon sequestration. Included in this will be energy efficiency, building assessments, emission trading and CO2 burial.


Climate Change

Human activity has a serious impact on the systems that connect the behaviour of oceans, atmosphere and soils. Increasing environmental change will alter where people can live and how they can sustain themselves. These are the issues that both businesses and governments need help in order to solve.

Green Energy Jobs – Climate Change

Green energy jobs here can include areas covering the policies, scientists, consultants and remote sensing needed to tackle climate change. These topics include national legislation, meteorologists, air quality and satellite design and control.


Energy Finance

There are many specialist areas within the financial sector of the renewable energy industry. Beyond the skills and experience needed within energy trading there is demand for financial awareness required to assist companies in their business growth.

Green Energy Jobs – Energy Finance

Energy finance can cover any and all aspects of green energy production. In order to complete any project, financial management must be in place to keep the project running on budget.


Environmental Impact

Opportunities exist for those coming from an ecological background and those entering the sector with environmental engineering qualifications. The roles are divided between the ecologists and the biological scientists. They must be capable of auditing the present state of the environment. From that, they must monitor and suggest industry targets.

Green Energy Jobs – Environmental Impact

As well as scientists having an active role in this sector, areas will cover environmental assessment, environmental engineering and air quality regulations.


Green Buildings

Ecological design is now a mainstream activity. Ideas that shape today’s building designs are, energy efficiency, carbon footprint of construction materials, embedding of micro renewables and future recyclability. Large scale carbon management audits are being used to rate a buildings energy efficiency.

Green Energy Jobs – Green Buildings:

Green energy jobs here can include green building design, the use of sustainable materials, the installation of micro renweables, planning, energy efficiency and engineering.


Green Policy

Since 1992 there have been successful international endeavours towards establishing a global framework to develop climate change mitigation policies. The main goal is to change to efficient green energy alternatives. This will reduce the harmful emissions like greenhouse gases and other pollutants which are radically affecting our atmosphere.

Green Energy Jobs – Green Policy:

Employees will tackle issues like climate change policies, interacting with national governments. As well as going in to energy markets. This can include the trading of energy and emissions.


Hydro Energy

Hydro electric output continues to grow globally. Large and ambitious schemes are being planned in China and India. In areas of poor grid connection and ample water, Pico Hydro electric systems are being used. The improved feed in tariffs for small and medium sized hydro schemes across Europe has resulted in a surge of installations.

Green Energy Jobs – Hydro Energy:

The main focus of this field is engineering. Building dams, pipe systems and generators, for example. Project development is a key factor in this industry. Environmental monitoring also plays a large role.


To find more green energy jobs and what they may include you can read ‘Green Energy Jobs Part 2.’


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