Green Energy Jobs – Bio Fuels

Bio fuels are an alternative to fossil fuels and green energy jobs in bio fuels cover multiple areas.

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Green energy jobs are rising in number. Bio fuels are an alternative to fossil fuels. A range of varieties exist and they vary significantly. Some examples are that of biodiesel. This entails growing crops that contain high amounts of natural oil. Then through a process of hydrogenation or refining a more compatible bio diesel, substitute is created.


Energy Crops

Energy crop plants are that which are grown specifically for future energy production. There is a range of possible crops that can be used. From microscopic biodiesel producing algae to coppiced woodlands producing large quantities of biomass every few years. Varying environmental conditions mean that each area has to develop a range of crops suitable to its requirements. The main end products seen from this are ethanol, biodiesels and wood fuel. The future’s green energy jobs could see workers genetically modifying crops that produce a wider range of products at higher yields.


Bio Oils

There are a lot of useful varieties of plants and trees which will yield high quantities of oil in their seeds and fruit. Plants and trees such as Sun Flower or Oil Palm. In addition to processing seed oil, high temperature extraction and purification processes now allow oil to be obtained from less valuable material such as agricultural residues and waste biomass. Such oil can be combusted in its pure form. But this requires additives to overcome the high gel point of pure plant oils such as Soya, at which point it is termed as biodiesel.


Green Energy Jobs – Bio Fuels

Green energy jobs in bio fuels cover multiple areas. These areas include energy at its source, the production of bio fuels from that source, the processes involved and the transportation of that energy in sustainable vehicles. Noted below are some of the divisions of these categories:


Focusing on energy at its source:

Energy crops

Coppice rotation

Wood chip Biomass



Production of bio fuels:






Landfill gas

Solid biomass pellets



Waste to Heat (CHP)






Gas safety


Sustainable Vehicles:

Flexible Fuel vehicles

Hybrid vehicles

FC vehicles

Fuelling infrastructure


Image Sourced: Texas A&M AgriLife

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