Green Energy Jobs – Bio Energy

Bio energy is one of the green energy jobs you can work with. Bio fuels may be the most realistic successor to fossil fuels. Which means a huge industry.

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Green energy jobs are on the up and up. Bio energy is just one of the areas that you can work in. Bio fuels may be the most realistic successor to fossil fuels. The challenge of many engineering companies is converting raw sources of biomass in to high energy green fuels.

Bio energy is energy produced from living or recently living plants or animals. And bio energy facilities use the energy stored in organic matter to produce electricity. This can include agricultural residues, animal manure, waste wood, wood chips and bark. Bio energy can be generated in a number of ways and green energy jobs can be found in these areas:


Thermal Treatment

Through the combustion of wood or other solid biomass material electricity can be produced.

Anaerobic Digestion

These facilities use bacteria to convert liquid and solid bio energy into a biogas. This is similar to natural gas. It is then combusted to generate electricity.

Bio Fuel

Electricity is generated with the combustion of biomass based liquid fuels like bio diesel.

Landfill Gas

Facilities will capture and combust methane gases produced from landfills to generate electricity.


Green Energy Jobs Specification

In order to land any of your green energy jobs in bio energy you must be able to demonstrate certain knowledge, skills and experiences to a good level. Some of these can include:

-Educated to degree level

-Keeping up to date with the emerging technologies and best ideas promoting carbon reduction

-Knowledge of current national carbon reduction priorities

- Experience of effectively negotiating with a range of people in resolving difficult issues

- Ability to effectively work with a wide variety of public and private sector partners to deliver shared objectives

- Ability to analyse research findings and best practice and draw appropriate conclusions for future policy initiatives

- Ability to manage within pre-determined budgets

- Ability to think laterally to resolve problems


Green Energy Jobs – Bio Energy

There are a host of green energy jobs that fall in to the bio energy sector. Some of which will include:


Focusing on energy at its source:

Energy crops

Coppice rotation

Wood chip Biomass



Production of bio fuels:






Landfill gas

Solid biomass pellets



Waste to Heat (CHP)








Gas safety


Sustainable Vehicles:

Flexible Fuel vehicles

Hybrid vehicles

FC vehicles

Fuelling infrastructure

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