Your guide to UK green energy companies

We all know of the Big 6 energy suppliers. But how much do you know about our green energy companies?

an overview of green energy companies

We all know of the Big 6 energy suppliers.  But how much do you know about our green energy companies?

As a society we are becoming more eco conscious.  There are smaller, independent green energy companies breaking into the electricity market.

This guide will cover the main green energy companies in the UK, including some of the very young, small suppliers.  I will show you how your business can benefit from switching to green energy companies.

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What green energy suppliers are there in the UK?

We have three green energy companies in the UK that only offer green tariffs.  Be a responsible energy consumer and consider switching your supplier.  Read this quick guide to find out more.

Why being good means choosing Good Energy:

Good Energy is one of the only UK energy suppliers that sources 100% of your electricity from renewable sources.  Be good and choose Good Energy as your provider.

How using Good Energy group will benefit your business:

By switching to the Good Energy group for your energy, you will benefit.  You will get help promoting your green credentials; you will save money and have stable energy prices.

An overview of Green Energy UK:

Green Energy UK is one of a few small energy suppliers offering green only tariffs to customers.

Why you should buy your electricity from Ecotricity:

You should consider buying your electricity from Ecotricity.  They reinvest their profits into growing our green energy sector and making the UK energy independent.

5 tips to take from Ecotricity for a green workplace:

Sometimes in order to build a green workplace we need to be inspired by others.  Ecotricity is a green energy provider doing all they can to make their offices green, and getting business benefits in return.

Who are Ovo Energy and why you should care:

Ovo Energy is a small green energy supplier.  You should care because there are business benefits to switching to one of their tariffs.

Low cost LoCO2 with big business benefits:

By choosing LoCO2 as your energy supplier your business will benefit from saving money with CCL exemption, competitive prices with brown suppliers.

Why are more renewable energy courses needed?

We need more renewable energy courses.  Our green energy sector has the potential to reduce employment and stabilise our economy, but we simply don’t have the skills to fill these roles.

How would you use £1million of Energy Entrepreneurs Fund?

The Energy Entrepreneurs Fund was created to nurture inventive ways of combatting climate change.  If you have a great idea you could secure up to £1million funding to develop it.

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