Why you should buy your electricity from Ecotricity

You should consider buying your electricity from Ecotricity. They reinvest their profits into growing our green energy sector and making the UK energy independent.

why you shoul buy your electricity from Ecotricity

You should consider buying your electricity from Ecotricity.  They reinvest their profits into growing our green energy sector and making the UK energy independent.


Did you know that Ecotricity were the first green energy supplier.  Not only in the UK, but the first in the world.  When they started up in 1996 no-body else was doing what they were.

Ecotricity developed to change the way that electricity is created and used in the UK.  Considering that conventional electricity makes up 30% of our total emissions, changing this could dramatically help the environment.

Bills to Mills:

Ecotricity will use your energy bills to fund new sources of green energy.  It is part of their ethos to reinvest as much money as possible into new green energy projects.  They call this ‘Bills to Mills’.

Unlike other energy suppliers, all their profits go into Bills to Mills.  When you have no shareholders to answer to, you are less restricted in how you operate.  Ecotricity spends more on these green projects per customer than any other energy provider in the UK.  That makes them pretty green.

Wind power:

Ecotricity actually make their own electricity with their own windmills.  That’s an impressive investment on their part.  They continually build and design more as their customer base increases.

Did you know that the UK has 40% of all Europe’s wind resource?  We are exposed to enough wind to power the whole of the UK many times over.  Obviously we can’t harness all of it but we are getting better and more efficient at capturing and using what we can.

Onshore wind power is the most commercially viable, renewable technology at the moment.  And Ecotricity is the leading independent producer of wind energy.


Green gas development:

One thing that Ecotricity are pioneering that no other energy supplier is looking at in great depth is green gas development.  They are currently working to build green gas mills.  They can make gas and then pump it into our gas grid.

But why gas?  Well, gas is a fossil fuel.  And it is running out.  Currently there is no renewable alternative out there when it is gone.  Not only that, but burning the gas we do have is very damaging to the environment.

Benefits of green gas:

Green gas production would help with another big problem that we face as a society.  Our waste.  We waste an incredible amount in the UK.  Ecotricity want to use the food and other organic products we throw away to make gas.  This far less damaging than sending it to landfills.

As a bonus, any solids left from the production of this green gas is actually a natural fertiliser.  Normal fertilisers require a huge amount of non-renewable gas to make.  Ecotricity would be able to make green gas and make natural fertilisers.

According to Ecotricity there is enough food waste in the UK to power 700,000 houses with green gas.  That is a big number by any measure.  They are currently working to get their first gas mill operating.

UK energy independence:

Ecotricity believe in energy independence for the UK.  This is something we should really take note of.

We used to be totally self-sufficient in our energy production.  However, our population has increased rapidly and our demand for energy is soaring.  We used to rely on our supplies from the North Sea.  This is where we get our oil and gas.

Foreign dependence:

But now as our North Sea supplies are depleting we are importing these goods.  That means we have to enter a global energy market.  I have to agree with Ecotricity, this is not sustainable.

Some stats you may find disturbing are:

  • 75% of the coal we use is imported. Ecotricity believe this will rise to 100% in a century.
  • 30% of the gas we use is imported.  This rises to 50% in winter months.
  • 10% of the oil we use is also imported, and our stocks are dwindling.  Fast.

We import oil and gas from unstable regions, and the price of them will keep going up.  Demand will outstrip supply and there will have to be a premium spent on getting oil and gas.

How this could change:

Ecotricity is helping to change the way we get our energy, and how we use it.  They re-invest their profits in developing green energy technologies.  The more people that switch to Ecotricity, the more opportunity there is for investment in green energy.

Only when we have a strong green energy sector would we be energy independent.  Ecotricity is one of the only energy suppliers strengthening this sector.

We have the potential to have a great renewable energy sector.  Our wind, sun and sea resources are great.  There is 7,000 miles of coastline that could be used to harness sea power.  I have already spoken about our wind capabilities.  And believe it or not, we do get enough sunlight for solar parks to be worthwhile.

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