Why being good means choosing Good Energy

Good Energy is one of the only UK energy suppliers that sources 100% of your electricity from renewable sources. Be good and choose Good Energy as your provider.

Good Energy

Good Energy is one of the only UK energy suppliers that sources 100% of your electricity from renewable sources.  Be good and choose Good Energy as your provider.


What is Good Energy?

Good Energy is one of two green energy suppliers that source 100% of their electricity from renewable technologies. (The other being Green Energy UK)

Good Energy’s vision is to make a difference to climate change. By giving consumers the option of choosing a responsible energy supplier they hope to reduce our demand on non-renewable energy consumption.


Why is green energy needed?

Our energy supply is at risk in the UK.  We are an overpopulated country.  We are using up our domestic fuel reserves at an unsustainable rate, and we are still increasing our demand.

There is a need for green energy suppliers, and companies such as Good Energy, Green Energy UK and Ecotricity are filling this need.  But we as consumers need to start switching to these suppliers before we can reap the benefits of green energy.


Benefits of green energy:

Using green energy sources could slash the rate we burn fossil fuels.  This would slow climate change but also could end up being cheaper for us.  The price of oil will continue to rise, eventually to a point where it is more economical to buy energy from renewable sources.

Also just think about how green energy boosts the economy.  Developing renewable technologies means creating many new, skilled jobs.  We could desperately do with this.


How Good Energy works:

Good Energy gets its power from 500 renewable generators that are spread all over the UK.  These include

  • Solar power
  • Wind power
  • Hydro power
  • Wave power

It is actually very simple how the process works.  For every unit of electricity you as a customer buy, Good Energy will buy a unit from one of their generators.


How do they manage electricity output from renewables?

This is a good question.  Because Good Energy’s power is generated from renewable sources, this ultimately comes down to weather.

The weather affects the output of each generator.  For instance little sunlight will cause a dip in solar power.  A calm day will produce less wind power.

In order to get around this, Good Energy has a range of contracts across the UK.  We all know how unpredictable our weather is.  Solar farms in different parts of the UK can have completely different outputs.  By having generators spread all over Good Energy can manage their output across the country.


Fuel mixture:

Did you know that all energy suppliers have to report their fuel mixtures, which are used to source their electricity?

They have to declare this annually; this is then compared to the national average.  This is called ‘fuel mix disclosure’.  The results are published so that you can make a better choice about your supplier.

Good Energy is one of the only two suppliers where you will get all your electricity from renewable sources.


Good Energy audits:

Good Energy actually take out a third party audit every year, and publish the results so that you can see just how green their energy is.

For the last three years their main tariff has been independently certified as 100% renewable.  They carry the Green Energy Supply Certification logo on their website, which is something you should look out for on any energy tariff you opt for, from any supplier.


Green energy investment:

I have shown you that Good Energy is a green supplier by how they source their electricity.  But this is only half the story.  As a green energy supplier they see it as their duty to develop our green energy sector.

They aim to develop over 100MW of new renewables capacity in the next 3 years.  This in an incredible goal, and to be honest, it will be hard to achieve.  Good Energy hopes to meet this goal by making local communities central to development.

This is something that many energy suppliers disregard.  If this target is reached then it will show that a responsible and ethical green energy sector is possible.  It would be a launch pad for other developers to take the same approach, and for the sector to grow.


Local communities:

Good Energy understands that in order to create a green energy sector that can develop strongly they need community support.

Some of the ways they are achieving this are:

  • Engaging with communities close to any proposed site
  • Discuss community concerns over new site changes such as size
  • Offer discounted local tariffs to those close to offshore wind sites (20% discount)
  • Explore any opportunities to deliver community ownership of sites they develop
  • Improve the bio-diversity around any site by restoring ecosystems and habitats

I hope this article has shown you why being a good energy consumer is to choose Good EnergyEnergy suppliers are becoming greener.  Most of the Big 6 suppliers have green tariffs.  Be aware that some of these tariffs are not actually as green as they make out.  They still source electricity from non-renewables.



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