Who are Ovo Energy and why should you care

Ovo Energy is a small green energy supplier. You should care because there are business benefits to switching to one of their tariffs.

Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy is a small green energy supplier.  You should care because there are business benefits to switching to one of their tariffs.

Ovo Energy:

Ovo Energy first came about as a response to the complexity and poor customer service of the energy business as a whole.  This was Stephen Fitzpatrick’s (the founder) mission to fix.  And he is doing very well.

Ovo Energy is one of the fastest growing energy companies in the UK.  And on Which.co.uk  they have a customer score of 74%.  Which for an energy company is great.  Their customer service was rate 4 out of 5.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs could really benefit from switching over to Ovo Energy.  Their tariffs will help you manage your bills and their business partnerships can help you break into the energy market.


Ovo Energy is one of the smallest companies in the UK offering a fully green tariff.  100% of your energy will come from renewable electricity.  This is great, but what is even better, especially for businesses is their fixed pricing.

Ovo Energy will guarantee that your bills wont hike up.  Regardless of whether energy prices rise.  This really helps when you have to manage your bills.  The price per unit won’t change during your fixed 12-month contract.

You can also earn money from your energy.  If your account is in credit, Ovo Energy will give you 3% interest equivalent to how much credit there is.

Where does your money go?

Naturally you want to know exactly where your money goes.  You can actually view where every penny per kWh goes when you choose an Ovo tariff here.  What you will see  immediately is how small a profit Ovo makes on each kWh.

Ovo Energy business partnerships:

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to get into the rapidly expanding green energy business?  Ovo Energy will look to help you get into the energy market.

You may ask why do they would want to help the competition. Well, this is one of the things about Ovo Energy; they actually do want competition.  Competition is good for customers and helps keep the green energy sector growing.

Ovo Energy will help you break into the energy market by giving you their knowledge and experience.  Only two years ago they did it themselves.  It is notoriously hard for small energy companies to establish themselves in the UK.  Their advice is invaluable.

I hope I have shown you there are a number of benefits to switching your business over to Ovo Energy.  However, don’t just take my word for it.  With a score of 74% on Which and 60,000 customers within 2 years, they must be doing something right.



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