Low cost LoCO2 with big business benefits

By choosing LoCO2 as your energy supplier your business will benefit from saving money with CCL exemption, competitive prices with brown suppliers.

low cost LoCO2 has big business benefits

By choosing LoCO2 as your energy supplier your business will benefit from saving money with CCL exemption, and competitive prices with brown suppliers.

I have written a lot about green energy suppliers recently.  The reason for this is because energy prices are rising.  We can’t stop this.  However, you may not realise that choosing a green supplier such as LoCO2 may not be as expensive as you think.  And your business will benefit from choosing a responsible energy supplier.


Who are LoCO2?

LoCO2 is one of the smallest green energy suppliers in the UK.  They are independent and family run, and they are young.  LoCO2 has only been in business since 2009.


Why you need renewable energy:

You’re probably well aware that renewable energy is very topical for businesses right now.  As businesses we have to juggle tight budgets with environmental concerns and government legislation, which is forcing us to look hard at out energy use.

A green tariff such as LoCO2’s 100% renewable choice will help you to juggle those factors.


Business benefits of choosing LoCO2:

Competitive prices:

Green tariffs are not as expensive as you think.  There are now many energy suppliers like LoCO2 offering green tariffs.  Competition drives prices down.  If you are already on a green tariff I suggest you have a look around and compare prices.

No longer do energy providers charge a high premium for renewable energy as they once did.  They are more competitive with standard ‘brown’ energy tariffs.


Save money:

You can actually save money by choosing LoCO2.  As a business, if you choose to be responsible and opt for a green tariff such as LoCO2 you will be exempt from the Climate Change Levy.

It was introduced back in 2001 to try reducing our carbon emissions.  Business alone makes up about 15% of all of the UK’s emissions.

The levy is collected from all businesses that use up more than 12,000 kWh per year, charged at 0.524p per kWh (electricity).  Depending on the size of your business this could amount to a lot.

However, if you choose LoCO2 renewable tariff you will be completely exempted from the levy.  You wont pay anything.  This makes green energy a viable and competitive business option.


First step into CSR:

More businesses are choosing to become greener.  But many don’t know how to start.  By far the easiest step into corporate social responsibility is to switch to a green energy supplier such as LoCO2.

Becoming greener should be made in small steps focusing on changing one aspect of your business at a time.  Your energy usage is your biggest environmental impact.  By simply switching to a green supplier, the energy you do use is less damaging to the environment.

You can then start energy saving programmes, implementing environmental management systems and move towards sustainable business.


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