Green employers improve productivity and recruitment

Research shows employees are 16% more productive in green businesses. More eco conscious people are also seeking careers with green employers.

green businesses get better applicants

Research shows employees are 16% more productive in green businesses, with more people seeking careers with green employers.

Green businesses were once only seen as an eco friendly choice.  However, recent studies are finding that it can also be a good business decision to implement green practises.  Employees are more productive increasing your profit.  Also more graduates are seeking employment in green businesses.




With more businesses implementing green policies, there are now more accurate and in-depth studies which research the effects that a green business has on its employees.


Employee morale

A study in 2011 by researchers at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, USA, showed that employees in green businesses were more productive.

The study showed a significant positive relationship between employee satisfaction and environmental performance.  This means the more eco-friendly a business is, the more positive the staff are.

Green businesses often communicate with their staff.  By informing employees on the company’s environmental performance and how they’ve progressed, everybody’s morale improves. As evidenced in the above study, this in turn increases productivity.


Increased productivity

By researching 5,220 French businesses, a study by UCLA’s Institute of Environment and Sustainability showed that employees in green businesses were 16% more productive than those in businesses which weren’t. The full article can be read here:

This study confirmed the 2011 University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth study, showing employees work harder in green businesses.  16% is a significant increase over conventional companies.  Depending on the size of the business it can amount to big profits.

There is a further advantage that green businesses have over their competitors.  With the money gained from extra productivity they’ll have the means to fund more eco-friendly policies and market their green credentials.  This marketing will improve their public image and attract skilled, eco-conscious job seekers.



One benefit of going green means your business will attract top talent who have a naturally high sense of environmental awareness.  More people are eco-conscious now.

Green businesses are seen as positive work environments that encourage employee interaction on top of their green endeavours.  This is attractive for job seekers.

A study by Monster Trak in 2007 showed that graduates were looking for green businesses to work for.

  • 80% were interested in a job with a positive impact on the environment
  • 92% would choose an eco-friendly business
  • Some said they would work for less pay to be a part of a green business


Another study by Care2  in 2006 showed:

  • 50% would accept lower pay working for an eco-friendly business
  • 40% were willing to work longer hours for green businesses

These two studies show that green businesses are becoming more and more attractive to job seekers.  As society becomes more eco-conscious this is likely to increase even further.


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