Flowers, Love and Money- The Sustainable Exhibition

Putting up exhibition stands is an effective way to market your work and business but how carbon friendly is it? Green Hat Graphic Design reveals all.


Exhibitions can blow your mind and take your message to another level with their exciting mix of materials, scale and interactivity. The only downside comes when the exhibition is dismantled and all the MDF, plastic and fibreglass is destined to landfill; but is there another way?

Earlier this year we were tasked with creating an exhibition using the most environmentally materials possible when we were approached by The Garden Museum in London. With that in mind we made a surprising choice: cardboard. The museum was looking for a design company to create a sustainable exhibition on the topic of Floriculture: Flowers, Love and Money. We’d already made a small pop-up cardboard system and suggested this would be a great option for reducing the exhibition’s carbon footprint. At the same time it would reflect the fundamental material which flowers are transported in: cardboard boxes.

We clad the walls of the 75 square metre exhibition space with digitally printed cardboard as well as creating 6 freestanding graphic units, which interlocked together to form a lightweight graphic display. Two different types of cardboard were used: a lightweight ribbed material which was cut into a variety of shapes and a heavy duty sandwich board (dufylite); this honeycomb material was clad both sides with an ultra smooth coating which allowed for vibrant digital printing. Both types were made from 75% recycled material and could safely be recycled after use.

The displays took visitors on a journey from seventeenth century Covent Garden, which was originally the heart of the UK flower trade to the booming global business in cut flowers today. Floriculture was opened by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall on Valentine’s Day and it was voted one of the Top 10 must see exhibitions in London by Time Out magazine in April. Visitor figures were fantastic but most important of all 95% of the entire exhibition could be safely recycled after use, which meant almost no landfill waste!

You can see more images from the Floriculture exhibition on our portfolio page and on Facebook.

If you’d like help in creating a sustainable exhibition we’d be happy to give you a hand. Call Green Hat on 0117 942 8506.


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