3 UK green companies you can learn from

There are many UK green companies that have made a commitment to reducing their impact on the environment and society.

green business

The following UK green companies have all incorporated policies that aim to make them more sustainable.  I have focused on one aspect of each company that you can incorporate into your business strategy to make your company that little bit greener.


JC Atkinson

Social responsibility

JC Atkinson understands that their trading has direct and indirect effects on their suppliers, staff and the local community.  This affects their business decisions.  For example they only trade with those who share in their sustainable standards.  This is also true of their suppliers.

UK green companies are ones which are socially responsible.  No matter how large your business is, you will have an impact on society in some form.  Making business decisions that make this a positive impact is the goal.

You can achieve this by:

  • Making ethical decisions
  • Balancing shareholder and community interests
  • Making decisions in the interest of the wider community

Green companies gain loyal customers who share the same green passion that they do, and they have benefitted with increased profits. This is because people are becoming increasingly eco conscious.  By operating your company in a socially responsible way, people will be more inclined to do business with you.




Canon knows that their company has an environmental impact.  They are now focused on recycling and reusing materials. They were the first company to develop a laser toner cartridge-recycling programme, in 1990.  This has saved over 402,000 tonnes of CO2. The program means that customers can return their used cartridges free of charge.  They are then re-used or recycled into new cartridges. If relevant to your business, you can incorporate a re-use and recycle programme in your business too.

Most UK green companies purchase recycling bins for different types of papers and plastics in the office. You should consider training your staff on how to recycle properly. Don’t forget that not all plastics and papers are recyclable. This is a common mistake that people make and in order to run a green business you’ll need to convey your green expertise across your workforce to make sure it doesn’t happen.  You can call your local council for more information.



Reducing transport emissions

Carillion realise that their support services consultancy has a big impact on the environment.  Sustainability is consequently a priority for them.  They are actively reducing their transport emissions and they are now focusing on how to reduce emissions from their employees’ travel methods.

Reducing the amount of business travel is important for your carbon footprint.  Green companies reduce their carbon footprint by.

  • Encouraging a bike to work scheme
  • Carpooling
  • Using trains instead of private transport where possible
  • Setting up Skype or video conferencing

These three businesses are examples of how UK green companies can minimise the impact they have on the environment.  By following their example your company can become more eco-friendly too. As a result, you may also find that your business becomes more profitable.


Image: Tom Guay


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