Why are more renewable energy courses needed?

We need more renewable energy courses. Our green energy sector has the potential to reduce employment and stabilise our economy, but we simply don’t have the skills to fill these roles.

Solar PV renewable energy courses

We need more renewable energy courses.  Our green energy sector has the potential to reduce employment and stabilise our economy, but we simply don’t have the skills to fill these roles.

There are renewable energy courses in the UK.  However, the growth of the green sector is outstripping the quantity and quality of the renewable energy courses available.  Our green sector is growing fast and the biggest growth is in renewables.

For people to take advantage of this new, developing area of industry, they need to bridge the skills gap that exists in the UK.  We need more people to train in new renewable energy courses to give them the right skills and knowledge.

Growth in green careers:

You may be surprised to learn that there are about 1 million people employed in the green sector at the moment.  More than 25,000 jobs were created last year alone.  This has been great for the economy during a time when jobs are scarce and unemployment is high.

What is even better is that these jobs are being created not only in London, but all around the UK.  For areas such as the North East and Wales these careers offer a lifeline, as jobs are difficult to come by.

Youth unemployment:

Green careers are a great way out of unemployment for young people.  More businesses are realising the potential of this and are developing renewable energy courses.

A great example of this is from the green energy provider Good Energy.  They are funding a PhD renewable energy course at Birkbeck, University of London.  From October 2013 students will weigh up the consequences of not investing in clean energy technology in the next 40 years.

This is fantastic and shows that there are businesses beginning to invest and fund renewable energy courses.  However, we need more companies to follow Good Energy’s lead.

More information on the Good Energy renewable energy course can be found here.

Good renewable energy courses:

There is so much potential for employment in green careers. How can you get involved and start training?  Luckily in the UK we do actually have a range of renewable energy courses at various Universities.  A simple Google search will show you this.

These are great for those who have the time and money to make the long-term commitment of studying for 3 or 4 years.

But most of us are not in this position.  We need more renewable energy courses that we can complete alongside our working lives.  I have found two companies that could be a great choice for you. One is by Trade Skills 4 U and another is from Narecde Distributed Energy.

Trade Skills 4 U – Domestic Electrical Solar PV installer:

I have not found any renewable energy courses that offer better quality than the Trade Skills PV installer course.

This course will give you all the skills you need to take advantage of the new demand for PV installers.  The Green Deal and other government initiatives mean the demand for these skills will continue rising.

This is perhaps the most intensive of the renewable energy courses available by a private training provider.  The course is over 23 days and costs £2717 including VAT and exam fees.

Yes it is expensive, but the quality of the course is worth it.  By the end you will have received 5 industry-recognised qualifications.  This course is for you if you have little of no electrical installation experience but want to break into the lucrative renewables industry.

Narecde Distributed Energy:

Unlike Trade Skills 4 U, Narecde offer a range of renewable energy courses.  This is one company who has realised that there is a big skills gap in the UK and they have tailored their courses to address the problem.

These renewable energy courses are great if you can’t take much time off work.  They can last just 1 or up to 5 days.

An example of the types of renewable energy courses include:

  • Solar photovoltaic system design and application
  • Solar photovoltaic system installation
  • Heat pump installation
  • Solar thermal hot water system installation

There are many more courses you can take.  I have to tell you that these courses are primarily for electricians that want to further their skills.  Having said that, there are some courses that have no entry requirements.

We need to bridge the skills gap:

Our green energy industry has the potential to reduce unemployment all over the UK and stabilise our economy.  However, for this to happen there needs to be more private training providers and government funding into renewable energy courses.

The jobs are there, and more are being created, but we have too few people with the skills to fill the roles.  Companies like Trade Skills 4 U, Narecde and Good Energy are making a difference and more need to follow their lead.

For those of you reading this who are studying, unemployed or tradesmen wanting to further their skills I would recommend you try to get yourself enrolled on renewable energy courses. Take advantage of the incredible growth in this sector.

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