What types of green jobs are there?

There are many types of Green jobs are now appearing in almost all industries as the importance of environmental concerns increases.

green jobs

There are many types of Green jobs are now appearing in almost all industries as the importance of environmental concerns increases.


What types of green jobs are there?

You may think that green jobs will require specific training and new skill sets.  However, this is not true.  There are green jobs in almost every industry.  You may find your current employer has a green job position going.  All that is required is for you to adapt your current skills for this position.

Having said that, there are some types of green jobs that do require specific training.  For example solar professionals and sustainability professionals will need in depth understanding and skills to do their jobs efficiently.

In this article we will be looking at a few types of green jobs.


Solar professionals:

The price of installing green power sources is falling.  Combine this with a more eco conscious society and you have a boost in green jobs for solar professionals.  More businesses and individuals are now installing their own solar systems.

This means that there are numerous opportunities for people wanting to get into the renewable energy market.  These include:

  • Installers
  • Sales people
  • Suppliers
  • Entrepreneurs

You should also know that employment in these areas has increased despite the current recession.


Eco tourism:

Tourism is the largest industry in the world at the moment.  The whole industry is going through a process of ‘greening’ itself.  This means that workers in all levels of industry will be involved with green initiatives.

As a result, ecotourism is booming.  The rise in ecotourism means there is a demand for skilled workers who understand sustainability.


Green car manufacturing:

All automotive workers should consider working for green car manufacturers.  Green car making will become more important in the future and there are many types of green jobs out there in this industry.

Green car manufacturing involves improving fuel efficiency, using alternative fuels and developing green designs.  All these things are becoming more important and the businesses making them will succeed down the line.

Some manufacturers are focusing on creating hybrid cars as the demand for alternatives to fossil fuels increases.

So what does this all mean?  It means that there is no shortage of green job openings in the automotive industry.  Green jobs range from assembly line workers to executives.


Green construction:

The recession has hit the construction industry hard.  If you are in the building trade then you should definitely consider a green job in construction.  This area of the industry has increased.

Jobs involve constructing new green buildings.  It also involves upgrading buildings to make them more eco friendly.

Green jobs in the construction trade will continue to increase as the demand for energy saving designs and sustainable buildings increases.


Sustainability professionals:

Green jobs in sustainability are increasing.  More businesses are embracing green initiatives.  You will help companies develop and carry out green policies.

To become sustainability professional you will need specific training and skills.  This could mean gaining a degree in this field.  However, if you decide that this is a career path for you, you will be working in one of the greenest jobs.


Image Sourced: OregonDOT

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