A guide to environmental management standards

To work towards a more sustainable environment, businesses are improving their environmental management standards. This is often referred to as an Environmental Management System (EMS).

a guide to environmental managment standards

Environmental management standards are put in place by businesses to improve their environmental performance.  They are also referred to as an environmental management system (EMS).

The following is a guide to environmental management standards.  It covers everything from the origins of ISO 14000, environmental auditing (ISO 19011) through to how environmental management standards link with other systems.Should you wish to know more information on any of the following, you can click on the headings to see our more detailed guides.

You’ll also be able to find out the benefits of implementing such environmental management standards for your particular business.

What is an environmental management system?

An environmental management system is a tool for improving your environmental performance.  You should have one in place if you want to regulate how green your business is according to national standards.

The origins of ISO 14000 for green businesses:

The ISO 14000 series of standards for environmental management was the result of a global commitment to reducing the impact industries have on the environment.


ISO 14001 management system for your business:

An ISO 14001 management system would help you to reduce your business’s negative impact on the environment. Monitoring performance and continually improving helps you become greener.

The benefits of ISO 14001 for your business:

Aside from the obvious eco benefits, ISO 14001 will save you money, improve your corporate image and make sure you are operating within the law.

What you need to know about ISO 14004:

ISO 14004 is a document that gives advice to businesses on how to start or improve their own EMS.  It is part of an overall management system that improves environmental performance.


What is ISO 19011?

ISO 19011 guides businesses on how to conduct and evaluate their internal and external audits.


ISO 14031 performance management system:

ISO 14031 is a performance management system that gives businesses guidance on how to identify environmental indicators.  These can then be used to evaluate past, current and future environmental performance.


Eco management system for business:

An Eco-management System (EMAS) for business promotes ongoing environmental development.  A public statement that covers a green commitment provides a business with many benefits.


Differences between EMAS and the ISO 14001 system:

While they share a common goal, the EMAS and ISO 14001 systems are different in how they operate.  These include both technical and non-technical factors.


Links between EMS management systems and other systems:

When developing and putting environmental management standards in place it is important to understand it is not a separate or stand alone system.


How to plan environmental management standards for your business:

A good environmental management system needs to be planned and well thought through, or it won’t return as many benefits as it’s meant to.


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