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Evacuated Solar Thermal Collectors: Overview

First brought into use in the 1970s, evacuated solar thermal collectors (evacuated tube collectors) are available in various forms. The most common type is comprised of glass tubing surrounding an absorber plate. Evacuated solar panels have much better heat retention than flat-plate collectors due to the vacuum within the tubes, a better insulator than the … Read more


What Maintenance do Solar Thermal systems require?

Solar Thermal systems are largely able to operate without significant maintenance being carried out. However, some precautions can be taken to ensure the smooth running of your solar thermal panels:  · The single moving component of a solar thermal panel is the pump. This is relatively inexpensive (under £100) and simple to replace. Likewise, electronic controllers … Read more


One of the most effective ways to encourage wildlife into your garden is by introducing a pond. This guide will show you how to build a pond which your local wildlife will thank you for!

how to build a pond

Here's just a few useful and fun ways you can use the shells of pistachios and other nuts instead of throwing them away

pistachio shells

Find out how to keep your sugar intake low and avoid health problems such as joint inflammation and heart disease


Patagonia's unique approach to revealing information on their manufacturing process is something all aspiring green businesses could take a tip from.