How to make eco friendly DIY Christmas decorations for your home

It is getting close to the time of year when you have to start thinking of Christmas. Learn how to make your own DIY Christmas decorations.

DIY christmas decorations

It is getting close to that time of year that brings dread, expense and cold weather while at the same time bringing families together, joy and good times and memories. Yes Christmas is getting closer.

Yes it’s not even Halloween yet and you might still want advice on DIY costumes for that, but the time will come to decorate your home before you know it. Learn how to make DIY Christmas decorations for your home this year.

One of the best things about Christmas is the decorations, they help to create a festive mood, they bring colour and light to gloomy nights and it is an exciting time of year for any family.

Our 5 simple DIY Christmas Decorations 

  • Recycled candles

Candles without doubt can provide a warming ambience to your home in cold winters nights, a must have at Christmas time. Instead of throwing old and used candles away, melt the remaining wax that is always left over from all your old candles into a few unused or cleaned holders.  Make sure the new candle holders are red, green or whatever theme you have and you will create a simple Christmas decoration free of charge (almost).

  • Festive flower pots

This is another example of quick and simple DIY Christmas decorations, the flower pot. Simply pick some flowers from your garden if you have any or buy some from a store and place them into quirky and unused items that have Christmas themes and colours.

  • Recycled party cup lights

All you need to do is keep those cheap party cups you use for parties around Christmas time, preferably red, gold or green colours and light them up. You can do this by placing LED lights in the middle of a pile or by wiring a small bulb or two into the bottom of a few piles, either way the effect will be a cool and unique set of Christmas lamps.

  • Cardboard gift tags

If you are short of a few items on your Christmas tree (it happens every year), don’t feel the need to go out and buy new decorations. Instead start a family arts and crafts session and create your own. All you need is a few pieces of card, pair of scissors and an imagination and you can create unique DIY Christmas decorations full of memories.

  • Natural twig vases

All you need for this earthy and Christmassy decoration is some clean, similar sized and straight twigs, an empty jar, strong elastic bands and some twig snippers. Just place the twigs around the outside of the used jar, keep them in place with the elastic band and snip to size with the snippers. To give it more of a Christmas twist, decorate with hollies and winter flowers.

So there you have it, 5 simple DIY Christmas decorations for your home this year and if you aren’t ready for Christmas yet, look at some DIY furniture ideas to get you in practice.


Image courtesy of The Greenery and Nursery

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