Great Natural Skin Care Products for Father’s Day

The following natural skin care products offer effective, no nonsense skin care which can be used by women or men without the need for synthetic additives

nova scotia fisherman

Father’s Day is only around the corner, so what could be better than introducing an important man in your life to the benefits of natural or organic skin care products? While the vast majority of natural skin care on the market these days places great emphasis on herbal extracts and flowery scents, men tend to prefer products that just get the job done! The following natural skin care products are a few of my favourites, offering effective, no nonsense skin care which can be used by women or men and which works without the need for synthetic additives.

Nova Scotia Fishermen

Nova Scotia Fishermen skin products originated, unsurprisingly, in the Canadian fishing regions. Their creators took inspiration from the products used by fishermen facing strong winds and abrasive sea spray to protect their skin. Inspiration is also taken from the sea in their choice of active ingredient- sea kelp, also known as bladder wrack. Sea kelp- the gelatinous plant found in abundance in our oceans, brings a huge variety of benefits when used in skin care products. It moisturises and improves skin’s elasticity, plumping up and helping to regenerate skin cells, whilst also refreshing the skin’s surface and keeping it firm. Sea kelp is a rich source of anti oxidants and beta-carotene which helps to reduce the risk of skin damage from exposure to harmful airborne substances.

In fact, sea kelp is considered to be an integral part of the ocean’s self-filtering system. In its natural environment, sea kelp helps to detoxify the ocean by drawing out chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, and when used on the skin, is able to cleanse and absorb toxins in the same way!

Blended with natural oils and butters, Nova Scotia Fishermen turn raw sea kelp into effective, nurturing skin care products. Their Revitalizing and Softening Bar Soap is a no nonsense skin cleanser, gentle enough for everyday cleansing, and has a pleasing, sweet scent without being overpowering. Other products in their range include a rescue balm for chapped hands and a very versatile lip balm, which is a little wider than most lip balms making it easier to use on other dry parts of the body including the nose, elbows- anywhere that needs that bit of extra protection.

Not only are Nova Scotia Fishermen products great for anyone who’s skin is exposed to the elements, a portion of the company’s profit goes towards the Nature Conservacy of Canada- making your father’s day gift go that little bit further in helping our planet.

Climb On! Intensive skin care

Climb on! skin care started, as the name suggests, making natural skin care products for climbers who’s hands often become chapped by the friction of hanging onto rocks all day. Their original (and most popular) products are the intensive Climb on! cream and the versatile Climb on! bar. Both these products allow quick application to dry, chapped hands, helping to prevent peeling and keep the skin strong, preserving callouses which aid climbing in the long run. But as the website is keen to point out, the Climb on! range isn’t restricted to climbers. Anyone with an adventurous streak can enjoy and benefit from this range of versatile, moisturising products.

The Climb on! bar offers the most lightweight and versatile skin protection of the range, allowing a quick burst of intense moisture to be applied to hands, feet, nose, lips or anywhere else that may be chapped of dried from exposure to the elements. Climb on! cream offers similar protection which is easier to apply to a wider area of the body. As the Climb on! website says, both products are designed to be versatile and multi functional, saving the need for a wide range of fancy moisturisers, especially when you’re on the go. Even the Climb on! lip tube can offer a range of uses. The one I picked up from my local climbing centre a few months ago normally sits in my rucksack for days I spend outdoors, and has been used on dry lips, post-climbing hands and even a nose that was raw from hay fever!

Since the birth of the company, Climb on! has branched out to provide further products for those with an adventurous streak. Their natural SPF spray and insect repellants use a blend of natural ingredients to keep you safe during the summer whilst also feeling and smelling great on the skin. Their products are all-natural, made from a blend of nurturing ingredients including beeswax, grapeseed oil, shea butter, peppermint oils and sources of vitamin C.

Climb on! is most definitely a unisex product and the company thrive on their customer base which mostly consists of outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and simply those who love to get out there and enjoy life. If there’s a man in your life who’s after a basic product that can provide a wide range of skin care benefits, Climb on! could make a great gift.


Lush is a popular range of natural and organic skin care products and chances are you’ve been able to smell when you’re near to one on your local high street! Lush might be much more well known for its fruity, flowery scented products, but it also has a wide range of more “manly” items including shaving foams, sea salt scrubs, shower gels, soaps and shampoos which come both in bottled and bar form! Lush products also make great gifts, combining a range of products for any occasion in a reusable gift box. With so many popular men’s products, finding a gift box to give as a gift this Father’s day is easy, with their peppermint range proving to be particularly popular with its mood-lifting scent which invigorates the skin with every use. Lush package their products in fully recyclable materials and maintain a strict stance against animal testing, making them a great, environmentally friendly company to support and a great gift for any man this Father’s day!

Image sourced: Nova Scotia Fisherman

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