First Uplands Market in Swansea Proves to be a Success

The first Uplands market took place in the Uplands area of Swansea this weekend, bringing with it a range of locally sourced food, clothes and crafts.

uplands market

If you ever needed evidence that local produce was gaining popularity in South Wales, last weekend’s first ever Uplands Market should be all you need. On Saturday 27th July, Gwydr Square in Swansea’s suburban district of Uplands became a hive of activity, as hundreds flocked to the new local market, which comprised of almost 50 local craft, food and artwork stalls.


uplands market 2 First Uplands Market in Swansea Proves to be a Success

Aims of the market

The Uplands Market was started with a number of aims to benefit the local area, most noticeably, increasing footfall and promoting a greater sense of culture and community in Uplands and the rest of Swansea, a city whose image has suffered at times in recent years. Like all good local markets, it was started to provide opportunities for local producers to sell their goods, as well as the obvious environmental benefits such as reducing food miles and supporting more eco friendly foods and crafts, using organic produce and sustainable materials.

With a large student population and a laid back, artistic culture which stretches back to the days of Dylan Thomas, the suburban area of Uplands has always lent itself well to local community events, with many believing that the market has been a long time coming.

 Community spirit

uplands market 3 First Uplands Market in Swansea Proves to be a Success


Walking around the market, it was clear to see the community spirit of Uplands in action. The popularity of the event was clear, with many food stalls being sold out by mid day. Notable stalls at the event included Drawpaint Illustration, an artist based in Llanelli selling stunning pen and ink line drawings. Beautiful crafts could be seen left, right and centre, not least by Lori Loves, selling a wide range of vintage bags, jewellery, natural soaps, painted glass and greetings cards.

Popular Uplands restaurant, the Gower Kitchen were on hand selling delicious, locally sourced pork belly focaccias with a range of trimmings, and there was plenty for the vegetarians and vegans too, with Living Loving Food providing vegan salads and a range of delicious cakes.

 Old favourites

uplands market 4 First Uplands Market in Swansea Proves to be a Success


One of the highlights of the market was the appearance of Dylan’s Books, a long standing business selling old and rare books. The business had occupied a number of shops around the city centre before financial difficulties had brought it to a halt. The Uplands Market marked Dylan’s Books first day of trading in its new home- a second hand mobile library. Inside could be found a number of hardback and paperback treasures, and seeing a much-loved local business continue in times of adversity was a fantastic sight.

The Uplands Market in Swansea takes place on the last Saturday of every month from 9am to 1pm.

All images sourced from  Uplands Market

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