Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Sometimes, finding the perfect gift can seem impossible, especially when taking environmental impact into account! The recipient may share the same eco friendly outlook as you, or just take an interest in recycled and sustainable products. Either way, there are plenty of products out there that make fun, unique and eco friendly gifts!



The Spudcoat is a brilliantly simple idea- a waterproof, protective rain poncho made from biodegradable potato starch. It is lightweight and packable making it perfect for travelling and keeping in a rucksack in case the weather turns bad. And the cleverest part? It comes with tomato or cucumber seeds sewn in, allowing you to plant the whole thing once you’ve finished with it, which nourishes the ground and growing a new plant!

H2O-Powered Clock

This water-powered clock dispenses with the need for conventional batteries, which create large-scale environmental pollution when disposed of in landfill sites. Instead, it is powered by a single water-powered battery which lasts for a minimum of 2 years. The clock will run continuously and the battery only requires refilling every 2-3 months. In terms of function, it is much like any other digital clock, with a digital display and 4 different functions- timer, temperature, timer and alarm. This affordable alarm clock is ideal for anyone looking for an alternative to battery powered devices and is a reliable and long-lasting piece of technology.

Eco Shaver

The Eco Shaver is the perfect eco friendly gift for any environmentally conscious man who likes to stay well-groomed. It is fully chargeable through its integrated solar panel but also has the option of charging through the mains. The Eco Shaver charges in 8 to 12 hours in optimal conditions and a little longer on overcast days or out of direct sunlight. Ideal for travellers and those who spend time in the outdoors, the Eco Shaver is perfect when a mains connection is unavailable or you are just trying to reduce your energy consumption. This handy shaver even featured in the Gadget Show’s top 5 products of 2011 making is a reliable and functional gift!

Flower Grenades

A popular choice with kids and adults alike, Flower Grenades are a fun alternative to a house plant or a bunch of flowers. Consisting of an air dried clay grenade shell filled with soil and wildflower seeds, the Flower Grenades can be used to add a splash of colour to any bare patch of soil in your garden. Wildflowers are naturally hardy and will grow almost anywhere- simply throw the grenade onto even the most barren of soil and wait for the poppies, buttercups and rye grass to start growing. Planting flowers couldn’t be more simple!

Oyster Mushroom Kit

This “grow your own” kit is ideal for anyone who enjoys cooking with versatile ingredients, as well as for teaching kids about where food comes from and how it grows. The kit comes with mushroom spores, a growing bag and full instructions on how to grow mushrooms using an old paperback book. The resulting oyster mushrooms are a versatile ingredient in all kinds of cooking, from Italian to Thai and can provide a steady supply for a couple of months. This kit is a perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts, particularly those who worry about their food miles.

Bamboo socks

Socks are the ultimate go-to present when you’re stuck for ideas, so why not put an eco friendly twist on this classic gift? Bamboo is a versatile fibre used in sustainable clothing, and has a variety of benefits. Socks made of this natural material are lightweight, breathable and thermally regulating, making them ideal gifts for those who like to stay active. Bamboo socks are durable and should provide years of use, but are fully biodegradable when they finally come to their end of their lifespan.


The Baggee makes a great small gift or stocking filler and can help you cut back on unnecessary plastic bag consumption. As a lightweight, hollow keyring, it means you always have a place to store extra carrier bags, making it easier to reuse them on shopping trips and keeping them out of landfill sites where they can take decades to biodegrade.

TAPE cork tablet sleeve

The TAPE cork tablet sleeve is a great present for anyone who wants a unique looking way of protecting their gadgets with minimal environmental impact. Cork is a versatile material which can be formed from waste wood. It is lightweight yet sturdy and naturally cushioning, making it perfect for protecting your belongings. TAPE design cork phone cases and tablet sleeves which offer an eco friendly alternative to conventional plastic, rubber or leather covers. Cork is fully biodegradable and will quickly decompose when disposed of.

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