Eco Friendly Anniversary Gifts- Paper

Here are some ideas for eco friendly anniversary gifts made entirely from paper.

anniversary gifts paper

Celebrating your first wedding anniversary the traditional way doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your views on sustainable living, or even let a single tree go to waste. There are plenty of sustainable and recycled options for you to choose when buying a paper gift for your other half on your first wedding anniversary. Here are some ideas for eco friendly anniversary gifts made entirely from paper.

Recycled papier mache

Your first wedding anniversary is a great chance to discover some of the great recycled paper products that are out there. Papier mache is a fantastic, versatile material which allows you to make bowls, sculptures, vases, jewellery and much more. All it takes is some shredded old paper, water ad glue. And with a bit of paint and decoration, you can make chic items that you’d never imagine were made from last week’s newspaper.

A range of papier mache gifts are available online, or to be extra personal, try making your own papier mache items as a heart felt and eco friendly gift.


The versatility of paper means it can be used to make both 2d and 3d gifts. A traditional yet intricate way of reusing paper is through origami. This ancient Japanese art form allows you to take old or recycled paper and fold it to make something beautiful, usually a picture or pattern, which can be framed or used as a greetings card, bookmark etc. Basic origami can be easy to learn if you want to try it yourself, and a range of folded paper gifts are also available to buy online- just make sure you buy those made from reused or recycled paper to ensure minimal impact upon our forest levels.

Plantable paper

Plantable paper is a brilliant new idea which allows you to plant your paper gift once you’ve finished using it. It is embedded with wildflower seeds, which grow when planted in soil. What’s more, plantable paper is now being used in notepads, calenders and other paper products, meaning that your gift can carry on living for months after it is first given. Plantable paper products make great eco friendly anniversary gifts, using recycled, non-bleached paper and helping to support your garden’s bee and butterfly populations whilst adding a splash of colour to a bare patch of ground.

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