Eco Friendly Anniversary Gifts- Cotton

Here’s some ideas on how to choose great eco friendly anniversary gifts for your second wedding anniversary.


Cotton is one of the most popular and versatile fabrics available, and if following the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, is the key ingredient to a great 2nd anniversary present. Cotton products can vary dramatically in terms of their environmental impact- here’s some ideas on how to choose great eco friendly anniversary gifts for your second wedding anniversary.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. A huge market for organic cotton now exists, and it is easy to buy organic towels, bed sheets, skirts, shirts, bags, rugs, curtains and much more, all of which make great gifts! Organic cotton is a far more eco friendly option than non-organic, however, make sure that your cotton items are also fair trade, to ensure that those who helped to grow the cotton get paid a fair wage. A great range of organic cotton products can be found in a number of high street shops.

Recycled cotton

Organic cotton, whilst being an eco friendly alternative, still required large amounts of land and water to grow. If you really want your gift to be impeccably green, try a product made from recycled cotton. Some clothes manufacturers are starting to focus on using a higher percentage of recycled fabric in their clothes, whilst there are a number of items made from scraps of cotton material. Try an eye-catching rag rug made from cotton scraps, or even have a go at weaving your own. Even the tiniest scraps of cotton can be turned into jewellery with a bit of creativity. A quick look on the website Etsy will show you plenty of possibilities using recycled cotton that make great eco friendly anniversary gifts.

Find alternatives

Despite organic cotton rising in popularity, cotton will never be the most environmentally friendly material. Why not break the tradition of wedding anniversaries and choose a sustainable alternative? Bamboo and hemp plants both provide sustainable, natural fibres that can be used in place of cotton. Bamboo grows at incredible speeds, making it one of the most sustainable plants on the planet, whilst hemp grows well in areas that are often too inhospitable for other plants to grow. Both fibres can be woven into wonderfully silky fabric which can be made into all the same items as cotton- a great eco friendly alternative. See some of the bamboo and hemp alternatives to cotton at Bam- Bamboo Clothing and Draper’s Organic.

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