Reuse your Old Jeans and Reduce Waste

Try some of these tips to reuse your old jeans and reduce your waste of clothing and useable fabrics.

reuse old jeans

Denim is a durable and versatile fabric, and a timeless staple in almost all wardrobes in the western world. When a pair of jeans “wear out” they often leave a large area of perfectly good quality denim which can be put to good use. Try some of these tips to reuse your old jeans and reduce your waste of clothing and useable fabrics.


Back pockets of jeans are iconic, look great when sewn onto material, and are perfectly useable. Cut out or unpick the stitching to remove the back pockets from an old pair of jeans and reuse them in a number of places. Sew onto other items of clothing to add extra pockets, or collect jeans pockets and sew onto a large sheet of material to make a hanging wall organiser. You can even glue magnets onto them to stick onto the fridge, making a useful pocket for holding pens and reminder notes.


Provided it hasn’t worn away, the hem from the bottom of your jeans can be used to make handy coasters. Cut the hem from the bottom of the leg and roll it up to make a round, flat surface. Then all you need is a dab of fabric glue to secure it in place. You can also thread a small loop of string through the edge of your coasters and turn them into baubles to hang on the tree at Christmas.

Skirts and shorts

One of the most common reasons for jeans being thrown away is the bottom of their legs wearing away. Often, everything from the knees upwards is left in good condition. Remove the legs from above the knees and sew what remains together to form a timeless denim skirt. For shorts, just remove the legs at your desired length. You can sew a new hem or leave the edge ragged for a more casual look.

Household organisers

The legs of jeans can be sewn to make versatile sacks to hold a number of household items. Cut off the leg of an old pair of jeans and sew up one of the open ends. You can use these elongated sacks for holding dish cloths, tea towels, rubber gloves, scourers or even small items of laundry- a highly practical way to reuse your old jeans.

Draught stopper

Keep the winter chill out of your home and reuse your old jeans with a homemade draught stopper . Remove a leg and sew up one end before stuffing it with shredded material (try using the remaining denim) and newspaper. An old pair of tights filled with dried rice will help add weight to the draught stopper. Once the leg is fully stuffed, sew up the other end and your draughty door should cease to be a problem.

Gadget sleeve

Phones, MP3 players and tablets always need protection from scratches, why not take a piece of denim and convert it into a sleeve to protect your personal gadgets? Measure your item making sure the piece of denim is just over twice its size, then sew the two longer and one of the shorter sides together to make a handy pocket to keep your phone, MP3 player or tablet safe.

Image sourced: Dvortygirl

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