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eco friendly small pets

Eco Friendly Small Pets

With an environmental footprint of around 0.014 GHA, the impact of keeping small pets such as hamsters, gerbils or guinea pigs is minimal. However, there are steps you can take to improve the sustainability of your small pet’s care by making eco friendly choices in cages, bedding, cleaning and other accessories. Bedding Sawdust is commonly … Read more

pet waste

Managing Pet Waste

Pet waste can be home to a variety of harmful pathogens. As a responsible pet owner, it is vital that you manage your pet’s waste carefully to avoid it causing environmental or personal harm. By ensuring it is collected and disposed of safely, you can also help to reduce your pet’s environmental footprint. Dangers of … Read more

saving papaer guide

Saving Paper Around the Home

Thousands of acres of forests are logged each year to keep up with the planet’s demands for paper supplies. While trees themselves are renewable, ancient forests are home to diverse eco systems and provide habitat to hundreds of species of wildlife. By saving paper, particularly paper originating from non recycled sources, and recycling wherever possible, … Read more

recycled paper products

Using Recycled Paper Products

Cutting back on your use of paper throughout your household is the most effective way of reducing your impact upon the world’s forests. However, some paper products, such as toilet roll, are considered household essentials and can’t be simply rationed or boycotted! Recycled paper products are growing in popularity as an environmentally friendly alternative to … Read more

reusing paper

Reusing Paper Around the Home

Paper is a widely recycled material, which is lucky considering how much is consumed each year in the UK! While councils throughout the UK now offer effective paper recycling services through roadside collection schemes, you can help to reduce your personal demand on new paper resources by reusing paper products wherever possible around your home. … Read more

reduce junk mail

How to Reduce Junk Mail

Receiving junk mail isn’t just a nuisance, it is also a huge drain on the world’s paper supplies and tree population. On average, 550,000 tons of junk mail are sent annually in the UK, with between 12 and 16 trees being logged per ton produced. When saving paper around your home, cutting down on the … Read more


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how to build a pond

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pistachio shells

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