New Year’s Resolution- Get More Green!

Junk 4 Joy share a few tips with us on how to make going green your new year’s resolution, and how to stick to it!


Although most of us are recycling, reusing and attempting to reduce waste, there is still a shocking level of waste being wasted each year. In the UK alone in 2013, almost 300 million tonnes of waste was dumped in landfill sites across the country. So can you imagine how much waste is produced across the globe each year? All this waste produces methane, which is a greenhouse gas and very harmful to the environment, all of which we have to take responsibility for. It’s no good complaining about global warming if you aren’t doing anything about it!


Food, plastic packaging and glass bottles are just some of the items which are just thrown into waste bins and not recycled properly, especially at this time of year, when families and businesses have bought extra items for the Christmas period.


Instead of making promises to lose weight or give up the cigarettes this New Year (which you probably won’t end up doing anyway), why not try something worthwhile and help reduce how much waste fills our landfills each year.


Here are 5 easy and valuable suggestions to how households can become greener this New Year:


  • Recycle – Make sure that you are aware what you’re actually throwing away into the waste. Before sending any item to the landfill site this New Year, check to see if it can be recycled in any way. If it can, recycle it!
  • Get a compost pile – with families having extra food in the cupboards after Christmas, it’s a great idea to get a compost bin to store all your unused food. This tip is particularly good for businesses such as restaurants, which throw away a lot of food waste of a regular basis.
  • Freeze your leftovers – If you cook a meal that’s big enough for leftovers (I imagine you’ll have plenty over Christmas), make sure to freeze them right away. Not only will it still taste great, but you won’t end up throwing it away into the bin or get fed up of eating it for the rest of the week.
  • Use Less Bottled Water – Apart from being healthier and a lot less expensive, water from the tap is a lot better for your health and the environment. If you take a bottle of water to work, buy a flask which can be reused over and again and fill it back up at the office.
  • Go Digital and Use Less Paper – Electronic forms are not only easier to fill out, but they reduce the need for paper in your house or office. Although some paper is necessary in the workplace, going digital can greatly reduce how much paper you waste.

With these 5 easy tips to reducing waste and getting greener, you can finally accomplish a New Year’s resolution!

Author: Junk 4 Joy is a Cardiff-based recycling and waste management company. Not only do they promote recycling, but they will remove all your waste and unwanted household items on your behalf and recycle or reuse over 90% of it. So by contacting Junk4Joy, you can do your bit in helping the environment. For more information about recycling in Cardiff, take a look at their website.

Edited by Helen Kinsella

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