Make a Snow Globe Using an Old Jar

Follow this technique to make a snow globe using an old jar and materials from around the home.


Snow globes are pretty little decorations which look great on a table or shelf over the Christmas period. They are also easy to make using recycled materials and make great home made gifts. Follow this technique to make a snow globe using an old jar and decorations from around the home.

 You will need

A jar (or a few) with screw top lids. Honey, jam and peanut butter jars work especially well.

Paint or festive wrapping paper to decorate the jar’s lids.

Water-resistant figurines- try cake decorations or old cracker figurines. You can’t go wrong with snowmen, penguins and Christmas trees, but you can always get creative with other ideas.

Superglue, or a glue gun






Decorate the jars. Their lids will become the base of your snow globe, so paint them or cover the outside with festive wrapping paper. You can paint the glass jar itself with glass paint but don’t go overboard- you still want to be able to see inside! Try painting a scene on the back half of the jar, as a backdrop to your figurines, or stick on a photograph of your favourite winter image.


Start arranging your figurines on the upturned lid. Arrange a scene, making the most of the space you have. Stick them in place using a glue gun. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of glue- it dries clear, is difficult to see once inside your snow globe, and removes the risk of figures becoming unstuck and floating to the surface of the jar.


Fill the jar with water, almost to the brim. Add a dash of glycerin and a teaspoon of glitter. The glycerin thickens the liquid inside the jar and helps the glitter to move in a slow, swirling effect, mimicking snowfall. You can also find tiny, plastic snowflakes for sale in craft shops- try adding a few of these for some variety.


Apply a thin line of glue around the edge of the lid and screw tightly onto the jar, making a permanent seal. Turn your jar around and there you have it- a festive scene within a snow globe!

Image sourced: Mark Seton

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