How to Choose Quality, Eco-Friendly Furniture

Mandy from Superglide Wardrobes loves interior design and is currently working to make her home as eco-friendly as possible. She is planning to purchase sliding wardrobe doors before the end of the year before buying eco-friendly furniture for her living room in 2014.

bamboo chair

People are more eco-friendly than they have ever been before. While they are almost fully aware of the impact things like misusing electricity can have on the planet, they are extending their knowledge and eco-friendly activities far beyond simply reducing their carbon footprint at home. Clothes are getting the eco-treatment, while furniture is closely following. With that in mind, we looked at how you can go eco-friendly in your living room.

Second hand furniture


The first thing to remember is that second hand furniture is perhaps as eco-friendly as you can get. If you buy a sideboard or a sofa from a charity shop, for example, then you’ve immediately offset the environmental impact of producing and transporting a new one to a showroom or to your home.

Yes, if you have said furniture delivered by a diesel-fuelled van, you are causing some impact, but it is nothing like what it might otherwise be if you bought new. If you’re passionate about going eco-friendly, the first step is to buy second hand.

Remember that when you have a second hand piece of furniture, you can choose to upcycle it and make it unique to your home in whatever way you wish. This is great fun to do, and if you find you’re good at it you might even have an option for an additional income or a new career!


Reclaimed Wood


Another idea you can pursue is that of using reclaimed wood. How you go about this is your choice. A number of websites and retailers are now selling furniture that has been produced using reclaimed wood, although this can often be expensive to buy. Therefore, one popular alternative is to reclaim the wood yourself, or buy the wood alone and then create your own custom furniture. You might not go any further than having a few shelves, but it’s another way to bring eco-friendly furniture into your home.


Eco-Friendly Textiles


Although you might not consider a throw or a cushion to cover a piece of furniture, they do make a brilliant eco-friendly addition to your living space. Whether it is something made from organic wool or cotton, or something second hand similar to our earlier idea, bringing new textiles and fabrics into your living room can give it a lift and make it feel cosier and more homely.

You could even make things like blankets and throws yourself if you wanted to; perfect for getting the exact look you want!


Ethical Bamboo Chairs


Instead of using wood, many are turning to bamboo as an eco-friendly alternative. While you can have bamboo furniture of any type, bamboo chairs always bring a feel of ‘something different’ to a room and are usually the most comfortable chair in the home, too.

For the sake of your own health, it is probably best to ensure you don’t have it in front of the television, as you will sit in it all day if you have an excuse to!

There are many ways to embrace eco-friendly furniture in your living room. Find the path that best suits you and begin making changes to your living space today.

By Mandy, Superglide

Edited by Helen Kinsella

Image sourced: Twdk

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