Can you make funky coffee tables from the river?

Learn how to make funky coffee tables from completely resources materials. Salvage valuable materials from the country’s river beds, canals and lakes

funky coffee tables

It is common knowledge how wasteful we are in this day and age, with people throwing out anything from perfectly working chairs because they look a bit worn to people throwing out computer desks to make way for new ones. Whatever the reason or object, people will throw away many things, but what you might not have known is where.

A staggering amount of ‘disposal’ has been carried out in Britain’s rivers, canals, lakes and ponds for hundreds of years. It isn’t all bad though; these shocking and environmentally damaging acts can lead to green redemption through salvaging.

Learn how to create funky coffee tables from items found at the bottom of river beds or canals.

Why river beds and what can you find there? 

You will agree of course that people shouldn’t be throwing their things out so easily and if they do so not in rivers but it happens. You can make this stop through campaigning and changing attitudes but this is time consuming and not condensed into one short article.

What you can do instead or as well is to help remove these items, to stop them damaging eco systems and better yet find a new lease of life for them. Inspired by Kevin Macleod’s Man Made Home, where he salvaged metal materials to create a wonderful chair, this article will look at creating funky coffee tables.

As mentioned earlier you can get all sorts of items from river beds, lakes and canals ranging from shopping trolleys and old equipment, to pianos and whole cars. There are all sorts of valuable materials to be found if you know where to look.

You can either go down into those murky waters yourself (with expert supervision of course) or you can find workshops and scrap yards where hobbyists will gratefully sell you their salvaged materials.

Why funky coffee tables?

You are of course free to create whatever you want from salvaged materials and all you will need is the creativity, imagination and design eye to do it.

This article is looking at funky coffee tables because it will be one of the easiest designs for you to come up with and shouldn’t present you with a problem in collecting materials.

The material you will find the most that you can use is metal, and metal can make funky coffee tables easily.

Funky coffee tables 

We won’t show you a step by step guide in making funky coffee tables here but we will give you the correct advice to get started.

You will need a few things;

A design mind/ A template design/ Designer friend

This piece of cool furniture will be unique to you and entirely dependent on what materials you find at the bottom of the river or salvage yard. This means you will need to create a custom design by drawing one yourself, using a template as a guide or enlisting the help of a friend or professional.

Metal work experience/ Welder/ Workshop

This isn’t like a normal DIY project, you will need some heavy duty tools and a place to work in. Most people do not have this but look on community blogs and you should be able to find a like minded person to help you. It is a good way to meet new and interesting people.

Metal material

Nearly forgot to mention you can’t make a funky coffee table without the bare materials, so find a salvage yard or a group of enthusiasts and dive in for quirky and interesting materials.

This won’t be the easiest of builds but it will be a great build that will keep on giving. You will find it hard not to fall in love with your project, a piece of furniture that will lost a long time, have its own history and will wow friends and family. So give it a go, enlist the help of friends, meet new people and create something wonderful.

Image courtesy of Weld House LLC 

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