How to Attract Wildlife into Your Garden

Get some great tips from guest writer Tom Nelson on how to attract wildlife to your home!

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When you go to your local DIY shop, you might be surprised by the massive amount of anti-wildlife items available to you when compared to items which attract wildlife.  That’s why you might need to take things into your own hands if you’re trying to turn your garden or backyard into a local animal hang out. Here are some simple DIY tips you can use. Before you start, you may need to purchase some basic tools from a place like Swift Trading, but when purchased, you’re all ready to go.

Now that you’ve readied yourself, you can begin to find out how to attract wildlife to your home!

A Simple Butterfly Feeder

Take a shallow ceramic or pot plate, boil sugar and water together (9 parts water to 1 part sugar) to create a weak syrup, and then put the solution in the plate.   Taking petals from sweet smelling flowers such as roses will add a splash of colour to your feeder, and help attract your colourful flying guests. Place the plate on a high up ledge and watch the butterflies flock.

A Crafty Bug Box

Take a small wooden box with the front side open, and cut slices of unevenly sized, hollow bamboo to fit inside.  Make sure to intersperse your bamboo with other types of wood, and then glue the pieces inside and place metal mesh over the front to create a great new home for your buggy friends.  You might wish to varnish the box, but you should probably refrain as this may put the various bugs off.  Natural is best for this project.

Innovative Bird House

Most shop-bought bird houses look unnatural and are unlikely to get a permanent resident.  When you have the opportunity to create your own, however, you can take the time to mimic the homes of real birds.  Birds which usually make their homes on overhanging of your roof usually have spherical homes, so you could create your own for them using two pieces of wood to create a right angle, and to then using a balloon to papier-mâché around before cutting a quarter out of it, and attaching it to inside of the right angle.  Place a hole with a 2 inch diameter in it, and it should create a nice bracketed quarter sphere for the birds to make their home in.

So there you have it, making your garden or back yard animal-friendly doesn’t necessarily need to be a challenge if you take the time and effort to make some wildlife-enticing environments, so grab your tools and have fun.

Written by Tom Nelson

Image by Koshy Koshy

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