Advice for green home interior design

Green home interior design is rewarding and stylish. Learn through small pieces of advice to be bold, creative and wise to achieve a stylish home.

Home interior design

We all want a nice home. Everyone wants a space they can be proud of and can relax in to call their own. Not everyone achieves that for a number reasons but surely everyone strives for a great place to live.

A great place to live means different things to different people, some people value location over the house; others prefer being close to family, while others want perfect home interior design.

This article will focus on achieving great home interior design and importantly achieving it an eco friendly way.  This isn’t a technical how to piece; it is a simple small piece of advice on achieving great green home interior design.

The advice

  1. 1.   Be brave- The first piece of advice to you is to be brave. To achieve greatness, to achieve something to be proud of you need to work hard and to be brave. Your perfect eco friendly space won’t happen if you can’t make big changes to your house.
  1. 2.   Consider the whole lot – The bit-part approach to design doesn’t create great spaces and if you want excellent green home interior design you need to consider everything. You don’t need to make all the changes at once but you need to plan your whole house, you need to know the purpose of rooms and the relationships they have with other rooms.
  1. 3.   Be creative- Let free your creative side, write down all your ideas no matter how crazy, and consider everything. This doesn’t mean you should design your home all ‘gung-ho’, this means you need to have an open mind and let your ideas fly out. Only when you have exhausted your ideas can you turn to refining them. Pick the best of the bunch and you will be on your way.
  1. 4.   Use unlikely materials – To achieve a truly unique and impressive space using green home interior design, you need to consider all sorts of materials. Recycle, up-cycle, salvage and reupholster your way to funky, stylish and original furniture. 
  1. 5.   Use inspiration – No one can be expected to come up with their own stylish, creative and eco friendly ideas without inspiration, so do your online research, watch TV such as Kevin Macleod’s Man Made Home, read magazines, read blogs and websites and get inspired.
  1. 6.   Have a go – If you aren’t doing it for your job it means no pressure. Go all out in your green home interior design, just go for it. If it goes wrong, you’ve learnt valuable lessons to take forward to your next project. Just get out there and have a go.

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