5 easy tips to use green design in your home

Your home should reflect you, your values and your tastes. Check out these 5 easy green design tips to help your home shout your statement.

green design

Your house is your safe place, it is your haven, it is your space. If you want to live more of a green lifestyle then your home needs to reflect your change and your dedication. You can do that by using green design.

Green design is all about style and environmental impact. A core value of green design is to not sacrifice on style and obviously to not sacrifice the environment. So if you are interested in making your safe place, comfortable, stylish and green, read on.

This article will take a look at 5 simple green design tips to help you transform your home to reflect what you value.

  • Reclaimed wooden bookcases in alcoves

  • A massively popular trend at the moment are bookcases. Maybe trend is misleading because bookcases are always popular and it’s easy to see why. Despite Amazon Kindle digitalising the way we read books we still want to show off our favourites in the physical world.
  • So all you have to do is find some old planks of wood sand them down and finish them with eco paint or varnish and place into your alcoves.
  • Use plants as decoration

  • There is nothing more green design than green plants. Plants will freshen up the atmosphere in your home, provide you with plenty of vibrant colours and they are of course as green as decoration comes.
  • Use the sunlight

  • Humans prefer day time because we are suited to walking around in the light. It is no coincidence that we often crave light and airy rooms to live in, so a favourite green design tip is to use sunlight. Make doors and windows as big as possible, colour your walls light colours and make use of clever mirror positioning. You can also you sun pipes to get further sunlight in.
  • Install plenty of energy efficient lighting

  • When the sun goes down we will need some artificial light. The green design tip here is to use lamps, LED lighting and energy efficient bulbs to brighten up your home to make you feel safe and warm.
  • Eco friendly low voc paint

  • Quite simply use eco friendly paint with a low voc count for your home. You will prefer the smell and help the environment out a bit.

So there are the 5 green design tips to help brighten up your home. Make your home your castle but more importantly make it a statement of who you are and what you believe in.

Image courtesy of Coco+Kelly

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