The 5 best indoor plants for your home

With winter marking its arrival with a cold snap it is time to turn our attentions indoors. Learn which are the best indoor plants for your home.

best indoor plants

As we get further into winter the time for outdoor gardening becomes smaller and smaller, and rightly so. Who wants to spend their early mornings in the frost tending to their hardy plants, outdoor winter gardening is best left for maintenance only.

For those of you who treat gardening as a fond hobby this can be a bit of a problem for you, to give up 3-5 months of your hobby is too much to ask. So what about indoor gardening?

Read on for the top 5 best indoor plants for your home.

The benefits of indoor plants

Why would you want to know what the best indoor plants are? Well, there are a great many advantages to having an indoor garden; plenty of health benefits, air filtering features, bright and natural colours to lighten up your home and they offer eco friendly decoration.

The best indoor plants 

Convinced of an indoor garden and want to continue ‘gardening’ through the winter months?

To help you get started here are our top 5 indoor plants in no particular order;

  1. 1. The Indoor Boxwood
  2. indoor boxwood The 5 best indoor plants for your homeThis plant is happy enough to survive indoors and offers a lot of ‘green’ to your room. Be sure to keep the Boxwood in as much sunlight as possible and water once a week.
  1. 2. Crown of Thorns – If you want a bit of colour in your house, the eco friendly way is to use this low maintenance plant. The plant will flower into lovely colours and takes very little work, keep in indirect sunlight and let the soil dry out before watering of thorns The 5 best indoor plants for your home
  1. 3.  Phalaenopsis – This tall and beautiful plant with a complicated name needs cool temperatures to survive best.
  1. 4.  Succulents – Lovely green colour and very hard to kill. A common participant in best indoor plants lists for years.  Place them near a window and water once every 2 months or so or when soil dries out.
  1. 5.  The cactus – This list would simply not be complete without this famous and very hardy plant. They will come in a variety of sizes, make sure you can handle whatever size you get. Water rarely, once all of the soil in the pot has dried.

Image courtesy of Dominic Alves

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