Walking is eco friendly travel

Walking is eco friendly travel. No fossil fuels are used. Walking also improves your health and state of mind.

walking is eco friendly

Walking is eco friendly travel.  No fossil fuels are used. Walking also improves your health and state of mind.


Minimise environmental impact:

Walking is the most eco friendly travel.  This is primarily due to the fact no fossil fuels are needed for you to walk.  Except the transport to your walking tour, but you can find efficient transport options to get there.



Yes walking may not be the most practical method of travelling.  However, you can cover a lot of miles during a day, or during a two-week hiking holiday.  The average person can walk at 3 miles per hour.  This means over the course of a day you could walk 20 miles.  Over you could cover over 250 miles in two weeks.

So what is the carbon cost of the same distance in a car?  An average car will emit 290g CO2 per mile.  So a 20-mile walking tour could save 5.8kg of CO2 than if you drove the same route to view the scenery.  Or, 72.5kg of CO2 would be used in a two-week walking holiday.

This may not seem like a lot per person.  However, if many thousands more people went on eco friendly walking holidays, then the amount of CO2 saved would be big.


Travel to walking routes:

We have seen how an eco friendly walking holiday does not use up any emissions.  However, unless you go on a circular walking route from your home, you will have to travel to your route.

When you are choosing an eco friendly walking route to go on, you should think of how to get there.  A few tips could be:

  • Choose a route close to your home
  • Choose a circular route to minimise travel
  • Choose a route with good public transport connections
  • Could you cycle to the route?

www.walkit.com and www.ramblers.org.uk are UK based companies where you can find walking routes close to your home, and those with good transport links to them.

However, if you are considering a walking trek abroad check www.traildatabase.org.uk.


Walking benefits:

Walking is not only eco friendly but it is also very healthy.  Some of the health benefits of walking include;

  • Lose weight,
  • Get fitter,
  • Lower blood pressure,
  • Lower cholesterol,
  • Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes,
  • Improve your mood

We should all be eco friendly and walk more.  Walking is not only a great way to travel.  But we should all walk more in our every day lives.  Short car journeys can emit 570g of CO2 per mile.  They are much more damaging than long range journeys.  Walking that same mile takes 20 minutes.

Walking more will make you healthier, it is free so saves you money and can reduce your impact on the environment.


Image: Lukas Vermeer

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