The benefits of walking holidays

The benefits of walking holidays are they are low impact on the environment and also make you healthier. They save you money and get you closer to nature.

walking holidays

The benefits of walking holidays are they are low impact on the environment and also make you healthier.  They save you money and get you closer to nature.

Walking holidays are a great way to immerse yourself into a location much more than you could with any other form of travel.  Walking is free and healthy.  The benefits of walking holidays also include:

  • Meeting more locals
  • Avoiding traffic
  • Discovering new places
  • Getting closer to nature

These are all benefits you would not usually get from any other type of holiday.


Meet the locals:

One of the main benefits of walking holidays get you to interact with locals.  Walking on designated routes may pass through small communities.  These communities sometimes rely solely on a walking route for their economy.  They will use tourists to buy local goods, use services such as guides and shops.

By meeting locals on walking holidays you will get a lot out of the experience.  You can also spend time immersing yourself in their culture. Those passing by on other types of tours will not gain this experience.


No traffic:

Walking holidays are not only in rural areas.  There are many cities and towns that have walking routes.  In many of these cities it is actually much quicker to walk than use transport to see the sights.

For instance, in London, it can be much faster to see the London Eye, Downing Street, the Cenotaph and Buckingham palace by walking than by rather than using another form of transport.


New discoveries:

Some routes will take you to places that other tourists will never see.  These can be small temples or communities that large tour operators skip.  Walking holidays are by their nature a slow way to travel.

This means you can spend time discovering new places.  These places will immerse you into the culture of the community.


Close to nature:

A walking holiday will also get you much closer to nature than other types of holidays.  Often walking routes will pass through remote areas with wildlife, flora and fauna either side of the path.

Walking holidays are also quieter meaning you can enjoy the nature in peace and at your own pace.  You will often be alone or with just your group.


Save money:

 Walking holidays can save you a lot of money.  If you decide to plan your own trip you will just be spending money on transport to the route and back.  Whilst on the route you are not spending anything as walking is free.



The healthiest way to travel is by walking.  Walking can prevent; Type two diabetes, Heart disease, Stroke, Weight gain and Stress

Walking holidays are a great low impact form of exercise that can improve your overall health and state of mind.

Image: Leung Ching Yau Alex

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