Top Tips for an Eco Friendly Holiday

Get a few great ideas to make this year’s trip your most eco friendly holiday yet!

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Lots of people are aware of ways that we can make our homes and general lifestyle more eco friendly, but when we go away and leave our usual routine and facilities behind it might not be as easy for some people to be as eco friendly as they would like.

If you fancy trying to be eco friendly on your holiday this year, then there are lots of great things that you can do, all while staying in UK and still making sure that you have a great time while looking out for the environment.

Don’t travel too far

Think about how far you actually need to travel to go away on holiday. Do you really have to travel to the other side of the country to have a good holiday or is there a nice campsite that is only a couple of hours away that you can stay at and do lots of activities on? Think about how you are going to get there. Do you have to drive there or can you save yourself some stress and go by public transport?

Stay in an eco friendly cottage

There are lots of holiday cottages based in the UK, in places including Devon and Wales including others, that describe themselves as being eco friendly without you having to do anything to make them that way.

Go camping

Going camping and spending time in the great outdoors can be a great way to have an eco friendly holiday filled with activities like walking and sightseeing on mountaineering . Just make sure that you have appropriate clothing that will keep you warm. Lots of companies like Dare2b sell outdoor clothing that you could try and buy.

There are lots of nice places to go camping in the UK like the Lake District

Look for a campsite that is try to be eco friendly

If you are going on a camping, caravan or cottage holiday and you are staying at a holiday park resort, look at the companies who run some of these UK based holiday parks and see what facilities they offer to help the environment such as having nature reserves and conservation projects and recycling facilities.

There are also independent campsites that will help you to have an eco friendly holiday while you are away from home.

Written by Tom Nelson

Image by Jukka

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