Eco Friendly Outdoor Activities to Start the Year Right

Juliet from Trekwear shares some great ideas with us about eco friendly outdoor activities which can keep you fit this year, without adding to your carbon footprint

eco friendly outdoor activities

You may have already made some green New Year’s resolutions for your workplace, but now is the time to take things down to a personal scale. You can do so by choosing to participate in more eco friendly pursuits to improve the health of both the planet and your own, simultaneously.

Though there are,of course, hundreds of green outdoor activities you could consider, below we have detailed only the three which will really make a difference to you and the environment, should you try them in the coming weeks or months.

Running Around a Local Park

Forget driving to the gym to spend an hour on the treadmill; the very act of which is just ridiculous when you think about it. You are, in effect, driving (rather than using your own two legs) to a place where you have to pay a sum of money to run on a machine while watching a telly or staring at a blank wall.

When you jog in your local park, you’re running where man was designed to run – in and with nature.Not only is running around a local park good for your carbon footprint (you won’t be using up any electricity or gas) it’s also good for your bank balance and your health, as you won’t be paying for an oft over priced gym membership. You’ll be breathing fresh air rather than the stale air of a gym.

Cycling to Work

The benefits of cycling to work have been discussed time and again,yet it never hurts to reiterate them when the situation calls for it, like now.

The advantages are utterly undeniable for both you and the planet. When you arrive at work after having cycled going there, you feel alert and therefore able to concentrate better on your work. Keep in mind, when you pedal to the office you’re going to want to wear proper gear, such as those provided by Trekwear, and keep your change of clothes in a backpack or in your locker. A year of cycling to work, rather than driving by car, will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, strengthen your cardiovascular health, and tone your muscles.

Playing Sports in Your Garden

Similar to the point about running in a local park above, when you skip heading over to the neighbourhood leisure centre and instead decide to enjoy sports in your garden, you can save time, money, and most importantly, reduce environmental impact.

Whether you choose to mount a basketball hoop in your garage, or set up a five-a-side football pitch at the end of your garden (assuming you have the space), chances are there’s a vast number of ways in which you can save the planet while getting fit in your own property. If you have children, this is an especially good option, as it will encourage them to be active from a young age.

So, while you may have made many environmentally friendly New Year’s resolutions for your work, it’s time to think about how you can reduce your carbon footprint in your personal life, too. Engaging in eco friendly outdoor activities, like the kind discussed above, is an excellent start.

By Juliet,

Picture 21 Eco Friendly Outdoor Activities to Start the Year Right

Edited by Helen Kinsella

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