Try a Family Day Out at a Green Adventure Park

A visit to a green adventure park can allow the whole family to enjoy a fun day against the backdrop of some of the country’s most beautiful natural areas.

green adventure parks

Theme parks may be popular amongst kids, but are often filled with energy guzzling rides, garish attractions and junk food. A visit to a green adventure park can allow the whole family to enjoy a quality day filled with excitement against the backdrop of some of the country’s most beautiful natural areas. The following green adventure parks work hard to keep their carbon emissions low while providing a great day out for all the family.

Bewilderwood, Norfolk

For an adventure park with a magical atmosphere and top green credentials, you can’t go wrong with Bewilderwood. Set within the beautiful Norfolk Broads, this popular attraction set within 50 acres of marsh and woodland is a hit with the young and not-so-young alike. The site is home to a range of hands-on and adventurous activities including assault courses, adventure playgrounds, zip wires, tree houses, boat rides and mazes, all built from sustainable, pesticide free timber, allowing you to explore the area across all terrains.

While the average theme park grabs you with its garish decorations, bright lights and blaring sounds, Bewilderwood has its own subtle kind of magic, incorporating a series of characters sculpted from timber and reeds- giant spiders, boggles and goblins, who bring the site to life and spark children’s imaginations whilst teaching them the importance of respect for the environment.

To keep you going all day, there’s plenty of locally sourced and mostly organic food for sale, and the wooded areas make a great spot for a picnic.

Bewilderwood provides a fun, active and wholesome day out which will leave longer lasting memories than any theme park, as well as helping to actively preserve a beautiful, natural area of the country.

Conkers, Midlands

Conkers, located in the heart of the National Forest is in a perfect, central location in the Midlands and fills 120 acres of woodland with a wide range of educational and adventure activities for young and old.

Conkers has plenty to keep the kids entertained all day, including a huge adventure playground and an 18 stage assault course, both built with sustainable timber. There’s also a 450m barefoot walk which allows you to enjoy spending time outdoors with more than just your eyes and ears! Woodland trails, boardwalks and a tree top adventure take you around the whole site allowing you to explore all over this woodland haven.

Indoors, there’s even more to do. Plenty of hands-on activities teach us about the importance of eco systems and what we can do to protect them, as well as plenty about all the different wildlife that lives in the National Forest.

Catering at Conkers offers a number of healthy and eco friendly options, from snacks to traditional roast dinners, made from locally sourced ingredients.

The beautiful, central location makes it a perfect place to visit on a staycation weekend, and the National Forest is home to plenty of other outdoor activities to try, including walking, cycling, fishing and horse riding, providing plenty for your family to do on an eco friendly weekend away.

Greenwood Forest Park, North Wales

For a green adventure with the family in North Wales, take a visit to Greenwood Forest Park in Snowdonia. Home to a number of activities on site including adventure playgrounds, archery, mazes, go karts and den building, this woodland park is enough to spark any child’s imagination as well as being a great day out for all of the family.

But as well as providing a great day out, Greenwood Forest Park boasts a number of green credentials, making it into the Guardian’s top 7 green attractions in the world, complied in February 2010. Greenwood Forest Park actively recycles on site, including office paper, cardboard and used cooking oil, which is processed into biodiesel. The site uses biodegradable food packaging and drinks containers wherever possible, to reduce the impact that disposable packaging can have on the local area. Greenwood has also planted 10,000 trees in the area since its opening in 1993 and continues to do so, helping to preserve forest wildlife habitat and improve air quality in the area. The site also works to prevent water wastage and collects 130 cubic metres of rainwater each year which is used in its flushing toilets.

Greenwood Forest Park works to promote biodiversity by protecting local wildlife, creating habitats, planting trees and building ponds to preserve. Bird boxes and otter houses help to preserve the populations of these animals whilst making a fascinating attraction to wildlife loving visitors. Whilst remaining a popular tourist attraction, Greenwood Forest Park shows the importance of living and working alongside nature, making the attraction a fun, educational and eco friendly place to spend a day.

Image source: Karen Roe

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