Essential Camping Accessories

Here is a quick list of essential camping accessories that you shouldn’t be without on your next camping trip.

camping accessories

So you’ve got your tent, stove, sleeping bag and roll mat, the bare essentials for a weekend away camping. But while trying to pack light, it can be easy to overlook some of the simplest but most essential camping accessories. Here is a quick list of essential camping accessories that you shouldn’t be without on your next camping trip.

Cooking utensils

It is often best to travel light when camping and avoid bringing “everything but the kitchen sink”, overlook a few kitchen essentials and eating can become a lot more difficult! Some great camping cooking utensil sets now exist, aiming to be lightweight and take up minimal space in your rucksack. The GSI Pinnacle cookset contains everything that you and your group need to eat a hearty meal in the great outdoors. All the pieces fit inside each other, helping to save space, and can be divided between rucksacks to spread weight. The entire GSI range covers every utensil you might need whilst cooking outdoors and the high quality of materials means you probably won’t need to buy another cook set again!

Head torch

When darkness falls, there won’t be much you’ll be able to do in your tent without some form of light- an easy essential to forget about! A head torch is the easiest to use and most lightweight form of camping light and can be used hands-free, allowing you to carry on with your activities. The Petzl Tikka head torch is a lightweight and easy to use head torch, delivering 40 lumens of light and 120 hours of battery life. A range of wind-up torches are also available, great if your batteries run out as well as being a fantastic, environmentally friendly choice for those late-night trips to the toilet block.

Spare pegs and poles

This is an important one. You never know when a gust of wind might leave one of your tent poles in pieces, and pegs often have a habit of going walkies. A spare set of poles and a few pegs are inexpensive but can save your camping trip from disaster if any of the crucial tent parts fail.


It can be easy to forget how much we take having a fridge for granted. If you plan on bringing food which needs to be kept cold, a coolbox is vital for keeping it edible throughout your trip. While a powered coolbox works well to keep its contents cool, it can guzzle energy quickly. An insulated cooler filled with ice is a far more eco friendly choice for cooling food, and can maintain its low temperature when kept in the shade, allowing your food to stay fresh. Try the Outwell ECOcool if you still need a powered cooler, as these are designed to use less energy than conventional coolers.

Solar charger

For many, camping is a great excuse to get away from your phone, TV, laptop etc and escape from the rest of society for a few days. Sometimes though, keeping your phone charged is a good idea, even if only used for emergencies. Choose a charger which charges quickly and in all weather conditions, making it easier to get power when you need it. The Solar Technology Freeloader charger is a versatile and lightweight solar charger which can be used to charge most electronic, hand held devices. It is available at The Ethical Superstore along with a range of other solar charging devices, perfect for use when camping.

Basic first aid kit

Whether you’re roughing it in the wilderness or glamping at a festival, it’s always possible to be injured whilst camping, so it’s wise to come prepared. A lightweight first aid kit is the best way to treat a range of minor injuries and having one at hand it always good for your peace of mind. A basic first aid kit should contain as much of the following as possible:

  • antiseptic wipes
  • roll bandages
  • sterile gauze pads
  • tweezers
  • safety pins
  • bee sting and insect bite treatments
  • antiseptic cream
  • burn ointment
  • triangular bandages
  • a small pair of scissors
  • aftersun or moisturising cream
  • any personal medication you usually take

Many camping shops will sell fully equipped first aid kits of varying sizes. These kits will be kept as lightweight and packable as possible, making them a convenient camping accessory that could become very useful if you ever get into trouble.

Image source: Ilja Klutman

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