Why You Should Support Scandinavian Eco Tourism

Scandinavia is quickly gaining popularity as an eco tourism destination, as well as providing a clean and efficient home for its citizens.

why support scandinavian eco tourism

Home to vast lakes, glaciers and fjords, Scandinavia is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. And in a united effort to protect this beauty, it has also become one of the most eco friendly regions on the globe. Comprising of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the region is quickly gaining popularity as an eco tourism destination, as well as providing a clean and efficient home for its citizens.

Bringing greenery back to the cities

Scandinavia is a world leader in green technology, working to better its environment and that of the wider area through innovative ideas and designs. Sweden, for example, is home to a number of highrise green houses, built to return greenery to built up, urban areas. There is hope that in the future, these green houses will be used on a larger scale to supply a city’s food, making it fully sustainable and eliminating the need for food imports.

Eliminating the need for nuclear and fossil fuels

In a similar way, Norway is predicted to have almost no carbon emissions by 2030 with its increasing use of green energy. 99% of Norway is now powered by hydro power, thanks to the country’s large number of glaciers and waterfalls. This almost entirely eliminates Norway’s reliance on fossil fuels or nuclear power.

Improved water quality

Not only is Scandinavia working to improve the environment within its own borders, it is also playing a larger role in making the whole of Europe greener and cleaner. Denmark works extensively to improve the quality of its groundwater and treatment of waste water, using techniques which other European countries are now beginning to use.

Eco options for tourists

Scandinavia is a great place to spend an environmentally friendly holiday. With a number of stunning natural wonders that you won’t see anywhere else on earth, it is becoming a hot spot for eco tourism. It is home to a number of green, outdoor activities to try, from dog sledding to canoeing, and its cities are unsurprisingly some of the cleanest and most pleasant in the world, making it an equally ideal destination for an urban break. And eco tourists are never far from a green hostel or organic restaurant.

In a world where environmental efforts vary greatly from country to country, you can show your appreciation towards those that make an effort, such as Scandinavia by supporting their eco tourism industry and helping to boost their economy. Maybe one day, other parts of the world will start to catch up.

Image sourced: Steffen Sauder

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