Should I use Underfloor Heating Mats for Wood Floors?

Find an answer to a common question about underfloor heating mats for wood floors, and see our directory of suppliers.

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Here in the UK, we are quickly catching on to the practical trends our Scandinavian neighbours have long subscribed to and underfloor heating is one of them.

Underfloor heating mats are a great new innovation, which are spread out across the floor, fitted together, and connected to the thermostat and mains power supply. They are cheap to install and cause less upheaval than fitting a wet system, and can allow for the use of underfloor heating in all sorts of settings. They are easily installed both up- and downstairs, and the installation process is amazingly simple when compared to their wet system cousins. They can even be installed in caravans! However, the considerations don’t stop there. You will still need to cover the mats with an attractive flooring and many of us wonder is it a good idea to use underfloor heating mats for wood floors? This is a common and understandable worry. Wood floors are not inexpensive, and once installed we would like them to last as long as possible.

So, should I use underfloor heating for wood floors?

All sorts of underfloor heating systems can be used with many types of wood floors. However, most installers will stipulate that the wood is specifically recommended for use with underfloor heating. The floor covering ought to have a top temperature restriction of around 27°C as well as an expansion gap around the edges of the room (this will ordinarily be hidden by skirting boards, so don’t worry too much about the affects on the aesthetics of the space). The best advice is to liaise with the heating installer and the flooring supplier before making a purchase. Both may have recommendations as to which floor or heating system to use with their respective products.

Some mats are designed specifically for wood floors. See below for more information.

Find the perfect underfloor heating mats for wood floors

Now take a look at our directory of suppliers of underfloor heating mats for wood floors.

Also, have a read about the respective pros and cons of electric vs wet underfloor heating just to make sure you’re making the right decision for you and your home!

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