3 Underfloor Heating Maintenance Checks for Your System

There are some periodic underfloor heating maintenance checks you can carry out including, checking the manifolds and pipes. You can also flush your system.

underfloor heating maintenance

Once an underfloor heating system is installed, it is unlikely you will require much maintenance on your system.

However, there are some underfloor heating maintenance checks that you should carry out periodically.  The maintenance of each separate component differs according to its materials, construction and function.

There are some parts of the system, which are common to all heating systems such as:

  • Boilers
  • Circulating pumps
  • Motorised valves

These can each be treated as they would otherwise.  Below are 3 underfloor heating maintenance checks that you can carry out on your system to make sure it is running at peak efficiency.


Underfloor Heating Maintenance Checks:

 1. Checking the Underfloor Heating Manifolds:

The underfloor heating manifolds should be checked annually for any leaks. Any leaks, which cannot be solved by tightening the fittings, may require that the manifold be dismantled and the washers or seals replaced.

The operation of the manifold valves ought to be checked and indicated flows compared to the commissioning report’s information.

2. Checking the Underfloor Heating Pipes:

The underfloor heating pipe should not need any maintenance carried out upon it whatsoever for the entirety of its life. Inhibitors are used to stop any build of sludge in other parts of the system from collecting and because of the smooth internal surface of the many types of pipe used for underfloor heating systems it is very unlikely that any sort of sludge should build up at all.

3. Flushing the Underfloor Heating system:

In the unlikely event that the system requires flushing, the flush is carried out by disconnecting the affected loop from the manifolds. Then use potable water at sufficient mains pressure to clear the blockage.


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