Why self-builders prefer underfloor heat but developers don’t

Self-builders prefer to use underfloor heating in their projects as they have lower running costs. Developers don’t because installation costs.

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Underfloor heating is becoming a more popular way of heating homes.  One which is widely used by self-builders wanting the best system for their project.

Underfloor heating is chosen for various reasons including:

  • Comfort,
  • Low running costs,
  • Low carbon emissions
  • Its status as a more luxurious product than radiators.

Why do self-builders choose Underfloor Heating?

Self-builders are likely to opt for underfloor heating for the reasons stated above, although installation is more expensive than those of radiator heating systems.

An underfloor heating system can be installed in a self-build home for around £12 per square metre. Overall this will work out to be economically beneficial due to its low running costs.

A saving of around 10% -40% can be made by using an underfloor heating system rather than a radiator heating system.

Underfloor heating also eliminates the unsightly bulk of a radiator hanging from a wall, and therefore improves the overall appearance of a home whilst opening up the room for better storage and decorative options.

Why don’t developers choose Underfloor Heating?

The aim of a developer is understandably to produce quality homes at as low a cost as possible, in order to make the greatest profit they can.

Underfloor heating systems are more expensive to install than radiator heating systems, and the developer will not benefit from the low running costs of an underfloor heating system. Therefore, developers tend to opt for radiator heating systems as they offer lower installation costs.

Some very high-end developments are built with underfloor heating, but the technology is largely avoided by developers in the interest of ensuring profitability.

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