Latest Underfloor Heating System from Heatmiser Revealed

The latest underfloor heating system from Heatmiser has been launched, and it’s looking like it’s ready to integrate itself effortlessly into your home.

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The NeoSmart from Heatmiser is a key contender in the “next generation” of underfloor heating and hit the shelves this January. Like all underfloor heating systems, it delivers all of the basic benefits that you’d expect from such a system:

  • Declutters walls of radiators and heaters

  • Allows homeowners to be more efficient with their space

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Heating of floors as well as air- no more cold feet in winter!

  • Improved heat distribution

But unlike earlier systems, the NeoSmart comes with a number of revolutionary new features, set to make underfloor heating even simpler to install and use every day.

Simpler installation

Newer underfloor heating systems do not require the use of CAT5 cabling. This removes many of the problems and issues which would occur during the installation of older systems. CAT5 cabling can be complicated to install. It is notoriously brittle, which makes breakage common, which can make installation time consuming and costly. The elimination of CAT5 cabling makes installation quicker and overall less frustrating, while keeping costs down.

Remote control functionality

While simpler installation is always a welcome change, the real excitement comes from the NeoSmart’s remote control system. A series of NeoStat controls can be installed around the home, each controlling a different zone. Each NeoStat device can be personally controlled by you, using the touch-sensitive control pad or the NeoApp, or can be left to work independently using their in-built air temperature sensor.


The Heatmiser NeoSmart comes equipped with the NeoApp, a free application which allows you to control the heating for your whole home using just your phone. While older underfloor heating systems have been compatible with smartphone or tablet apps, the NeoApp is designed to make controlling your heating as simple and accessible as possible. The “plug and play” set up is intended to make the NeoSmart’s remote control functions easy to set up and start using immediately. The need for a computer is eliminated, and all information is configured through the app, removing the need for any specialist computer knowledge. The simplicity of the app’s set up and use allows you to integrate the NeoSmart into your everyday life without the need for any special installation.

As underfloor heating system technology gets bigger and better, it also becomes more accessible, making the Heatmiser NeoSmart a surprisingly inexpensive system compared to older products when they were first produced. To those who want to be in full control over their heating useage, this product gives you the power you need in the palm of your hand.

Image sourced: Heatmiser

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