Can I Have Heated Floors Downstairs and Radiators Upstairs?

It is possible to have heated floors downstairs and radiators upstairs. However, you must keep both systems separate for better efficiency.

Radiators with underfloor heating

You can install different heating systems for different parts of your home.

Combining heated floors downstairs with radiators upstairs is common. However, underfloor heating can be used upstairs more easily and cost-effectively than radiators.

Combining Heated Floors With Radiators:

If a combination system is the only option available, it is possible to install heated floors downstairs and radiators upstairs. You must make sure the two systems are run using separate timers and zone valves.

Due to the fact that heated floors and radiator systems take different amounts of time to heat up and cool down again, in places where the two systems are used within the same house they should be kept separate from each other.  This is to ensure that both systems run as efficiently as possible.

Heated floors takes longer to heat up than radiators do, so running them on the same system would not allow the system enough time to reach the desired temperature.

Magnetic Cleaning Systems:

Also, if you are using underfloor heating and radiators within one house you will need to install a magnetic cleaning system.

Magnet cleaning systems pick up metallic debris from the hot water running through the heating pipes of the home. This debris comes from the rusting components of the radiator system and it is important to cleanse the water of this contamination in order to avoid blocking the pipes of the underfloor heating system.

Benefits of Heated Floors Throughout Your Home:

Although it is possible to install heated floors downstairs and radiators upstairs, it is recommended that underfloor heating systems are used in all areas of the house.

Heated floors can be quickly installed within various types of floor construction, it is stronger and less prone to damage than the copper pipes used for radiators.  It is also much cheaper to run.


Image: AOSmith International 

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