Underfloor heating insulation boards: why use them?

Why Underfloor Heating Insulation Boards from Warmup are a great investment.

warmup ufh boards

Consumers are actively encouraged to insulate their homes better as this leads to energy savings. It is now recommended to use underfloor heating systems with insulation boards as a way to save energy. Installing the heaters on top of an insulation board can bring significant savings as it improves the energy efficiency of the heating system by cutting the heat up time and results in lower energy bills and energy usage.

Energy efficiency

The reduced heat up time is the main source for energy savings when using underfloor heating insulation boards. The boards, made from waterproof extruded polystyrene, have a high thermal insulation property for energy efficiency. Also, the heat up period for a floor to reach the desired temperature can be cut from as much as 2.5 hours down to just 20 minutes. The thermal transferrance measure of heat, or the U value which describes the insulation ability of a material, is 1.35 W/m2 for a 20mm underfloor heating insulation board. This means that a reduced amount of energy is needed to heat the surface. The reduction in energy needed to heat a room delivers significant savings in energy bills as less energy is required.

 underfloor heating insulation boards room Underfloor heating insulation boards: why use them?

Cost reduction

Using underfloor heating insulation boards can reduce the underfloor heating costs by up to 50%. This is due to the energy savings achieved by the reduced heat up time. The insulation boards reflect the heat upwards into the flooring material and stop the heat from absorbing and escaping to the subfloor. The boards provide a high thermal barrier to cold rising from the subfloor, helping the floor to keep warm even when the desired room temperature has been achieved.

Sound proofing

The boards also have high sound proofing properties making them ideal for rooms above the ground level to minimise any noises from properties or rooms above the ground floor. The insulation boards can also be used as wall tile backer boards. This means that that you can use them in bathrooms, showers and kitchens too. They are also waterproof which allows you to insulate and waterproof in one single step.

The insulation boards are paramount in achieving an energy efficient heating system and with underfloor heating where the radiant heat rises from the floor level, the boards are essential in achieving the maximum energy efficiencies. A variety of thicknesses are available to ensure the correct insulation levels for your project.

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